Happy Days August

I enjoyed writing my July update last month so much that I have decided I’d start it up again weekly as you can see Happy Days August means that I obviously failed at this.  Good intentions and all that.  It’s been a crazy month of being busy one minute to absolutely nothing the next.  School holidays are tough on toddler aged parents, especially like me who rely on toddler groups to get me through the week.  I do have a few parent friends to make play dates with but not many and those that have their own lives to lead too.

The quiet moments have been tough for me, as I’ve got further through the month I realise that I am getting increasingly tired.  I’m well and truly in my 3rd trimester now and this is taking its toll.  Soldiering on though is the only way to make it through the day!  Onwards and upwards, lets take a look at some of my happy moments from last month..

Here we go:

– I got a surprise day to myself. Not exactly a surprise because I knew Dave was going to take the Robot out for a couple of hours.  What I didn’t realise was that this turned into a full 8 hour day to myself. I did panic at first but did settle in to a nice chilled out day at home alone!

– Cycling is something that I love and it’s something that I find increasingly hard to do.  We managed a short last-minute bike ride at the beginning of the month, probably my last till next year now.

– My Mum has a new play park in her “back” garden/ field.  They had am opening day with a circus and bouncy castle.  It was a fun day one I think the Robot enjoyed.  Later that week we also went for a sleepover at Grans house and got play in the park a little bit more

– Lot’s of weddings, 4 in total over 3 weeks.  Mainly thanks to my brother who took up 3 of these weddings but I’m ever so grateful for being part of them and seeing the love between him and his bride blossom and grow over these weeks.  So happy to have been involved.

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– My wonderful on-line friends who I found through blogging.  They are always there for me and I am so glad to have them in my life and really hope I get to meet them all one day

– Being able to toddler carry still.  I should probably have stopped carrying him but it’s a great way to calm him down and have a cuddle, he never stays up long but it’s still a priceless skill to have.  I am loving a ring sling at the moment for the easy up and downs. My smallish bump means I can still carry him on my hip.  Big bonus for nap times too:

Robot sling cuddles1

I feel like I’ve probably cheated you on the whole wedding thing, I’ve got lots of pictures and memories I could share with you but to be honest it was a beautiful family centered occasion that I enjoyed so much it was just lovely not to think how I was going to share.

That’s it for this month.  I have probably missed a ton of moments out but I’ll keep them close at hand and in my head.  I hope you’ve had a good August with plenty of fun and happy moments?



  1. I just congratulated you on Twitter for your pregnancy, not realising that you are nearly to the end of it already! I have had an almighty break from blogging this summer. I just couldn’t get into it. But I’m feeling like tentatively coming back now after a lovely summer with lots of good days out. I’m glad you had a good August too. #familyfunlinky

  2. Wow, a playpark out the back sounds fantastic! If only we could all have one. If my parents had one I don’t think the kids would ever want to come home. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely month, if a little hectic in the wedding front. Well done still being able to carry the Robot, I could barely carry myself towards the end of my last pregnancy
    Alana – Burnished Chaos recently posted…How I Broke Free From Negativity by The Resilient MumMy Profile

  3. Just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous – lovely positive round-up, fab pic of you with bump (1st one I think we’ve seen so that’s a bonus) and what a lovely image of you still toddler carrying. xx Even if you don’t blog for a while will you please let us know when baby arrives (I know you have a few weeks yet but just wanted to say!) xx #familyfun
    Hayley @ Mission: Mindfulness recently posted…PointShoot Post #10: Playing at Grandma & Grandad’s HouseMy Profile

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