Happy Days – A Whole Year

Happy Days is a process for finding the happiness in every day and is something that I enjoy doing with Katy and Sian each week, I really feel it adds value to my life.  It allows me to make the most of each day and leave it on a positive note.

This is a bit different his week, it’s been a whole year since I started writing these style of posts. Normally I’d label what number I’m at (47) But I’ve got to the point now that the number doesn’t matter so I am scrapping it for all future happy posts.

Recording my happy moments weekly has become a habit that I enjoy and when Friday rolls around I’m all geared up to look back…  I must apologise to those that have a read each week recently, because I’ve been cutting back on blogging these posts have been getting longer and longer!  Some of things I’d normally just write a separate post for are being squeezed in here instead!

On to some happy moments;

– The Robot is just getting more and more amazing as the days go by.  He’s giving us hugs and kisses when I ask him too, and they make me feel REALLY special!  His new favourite game is “catch”, we basically run around the living room chasing him and catching him.  So many laughs and giggles, I’ve started making obstacles and interesting things to run around.

The Robot playing Catch with us
I caught him in motion… Please ignore the hoover in the background!

– Dave was working again this weekend and I got to meet up with one of my friends for a drizzly walk and a cafe treat.

– The Robot has new shoes!  They have lights, he enjoys stamping around making them work.

– All the hard work Dave has been putting in means he’s been flagging a little this week and he clocked off early on Wednesday to spend the afternoon with us.  We took off and walked to the next village for a sneaky afternoon drink.

– The dreaded Mummy sin of eating your kids food has caught up with me.  With this in mind I’ve been more cautious with what I am eating and I went an impressive 5 days without eating any sweet treats.  I then made some flap jack without sugar to munch through but it’s all a step in the right direction.

– I managed to pick up conjunctivitis but luckily didn’t pass it on to the boys.  Yes I am happy by this as I dealt with it by us not leaving the house properly for a couple of days much to the Robots dismay.

Robot on house lock down
Let me out Mummy!!

– Only kidding, we went out loads but we pretty much hung out on our own so as not to pass it on to anyone.  The wonderful Angela from Life Motherhood and Everything wrote this post about getting back in the garden and totally inspired us out in our yard to do some weeding, this kept us occupied!

The Postive Moment Project

As this is a sort of anniversary post I am reminded of the people and bloggers that really inspired me when I started blogging and one of these people is Becky from Cuddle Fairy.  I featured in her Happiness series last April and have enjoyed reading other bloggers answers since.   She runs a linky called Candid Cuddles a place to share quotes and I’ve been looking for a way to join in.

One thing I have loved about taking part in Happy Days with Sian and Katy is getting to know the bloggers who regularly link up, it’s not massive so there is always a good chance to read a few more than the minimum.  I have been on the look out for a new place to hang out and get to know some different bloggers and think that Candid Cuddles is right up my street.

The Postive Moment Project???  I hear you ask…  Well it’s a place of positivity over on Pinterest where myself and a few others (always more welcome) share positive and happy things, be it quotes, blogs or pictures.  It’s just starting to take shape but I am going to use this opportunity to start picking a quote of the week to add to this board and also link up to Candid Cuddles.   Here’s what I am sharing this week:

If you Have Good thoughts THey will Shine out of Your Face LIke Sunbeams and you will always Look Lovely - Roald Dahl - Find your happy days by recording the Happy moments in your week with this simple gratitude journal technique

There you go, there is my new plan for Happy Days going forward and the end of all the fun from this week.  We don’t really have any plans this weekend as alas Dave is working again but I wish you all well and have a happy week.


  1. Sounds like some great stuff be happy about. Annoying you had conjunctivitis but definitely an accomplishment to have not passed it on as that would be been a lot worse! It sounds like Robot is so much fun. I love playing chase – it’s so much fun!

    Thanks for the link back to my post too. Glad we inspired you to get into the garden!
    Angela Watling recently posted…Reasons I am grateful #2My Profile

  2. #candidcuddles the quote is so true, and i keep a written gratitude journey for the same reasons – and because i have stationary issues 🙂
    never stop appreciating the small sun beams, they will always provide you with warm memories. fab post

  3. I popped over from the #familyfunlinky and I love the sound of the happy days project. Can you tell me more about where I can get info? I also want to check out the candid cuddles linky too. Thanks for the great info!

  4. I always love reading people’s happy posts! Well done on a whole year! It sounds like a great week (conjunctivitis aside). Well done on not passing it on though – I’ve had success that way, but I’ve not yet managed to have Max get it and not catch it from him – he likes his cuddles and touching my face too much! Well done on avoiding the sweet treats – I have a massive sweet tooth and really struggle with that! #FamilyFun
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…My Top Maternity Must HavesMy Profile

  5. suz

    Love the idea of your Happy Days project. I’d never heard of the Candid Cuddles linky – will have to check it out.
    Sounds like you had a great week (even with the conjunctivitis). Wishing you many more.

  6. The Robot is so adorable! I can just imagine the cute baby giggles when you guys play catch with him. Cute! 🙂
    Oh, and most of my pics are like that too – a hoover, or a basket of clothes I’ve just picked from the washing line, or worse, a mountain of clothes on a chair.. something like that always graces the background of my pics! 😀
    xx #familyfun
    Charlene | High Heels And Fairy Tales recently posted…Our little ballerina’s first “big girl” exam results and photosMy Profile

  7. Aww sounds like a good week for you. Molly has recently started giving us kisses and cuddles. I love it. And she is always saying ‘love you mama’ which is just adorable. She loves playing catch too. Whenever I take a nice picture of molly there always seems to be a hoover or something in the background haha #familyfun

  8. Aaaaaah yay! This is what’s great. You know Becky’s blog but I’ve never read yours (despite realising to my embarrassment we do follow one another on Twitter…I rarely join the dots!) and now I do! Love that you run a similar spirited linky. Thanks so much for joining ours!

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