Happy Days #8 Have a Holiday!

Last Saturday when writing my Happy #7 all about the Robot it hadn’t occurred to me that Dave wasn’t working. He’d already had Friday/Saturday off and planned to have the next three days too!  Dave is self-employed and doesn’t always work Monday to Friday. I’ve got used to him being off one minute then being called in to fix leaky pipes the next. So telling me he’s actually off for three more days filled me with doubt…

What do you do with three days off though?  We fill it with adventures and an impromptu mini holiday!  

Sunday we went Out for a walk by the river.  Monday/Tuesday we enjoyed a cycle ride and stay over in The Forest of Bowland. All really happy days with blog posts in their own right!

After 5 days of adventures Wednesday was a get stuff done day.  I can’t believe I’m happy about this, but I got 5 loads of washing done and dry all in one day!  The joys of being a parent!  It was so sunny though that we even ate Breakfast and lunch outside.

The Robot sitting on a picnic blanketA bit of blog news for Thursday.  My monthly blog views went over 1000 and I hit 1000 followers on Twitter too, woop! This isn’t loads but for 9 weeks of trying blogging I’m really chuffed!!  Also, I was featured on What the Redhead Saids “The Beginning of us” and last week I featured on Cuddle Fairies “Happy Series”.  Lots of thanks to them for having me.

Both Thursday and Friday were really sunny.  When out on my daily 5×50 walk I bumped into 3 separate Mums and babes.  It’s ruined my planned mileage but it’s been so nice to see people and play on the swings!

Robot on the swing
Sian, Friday I bought flowers, just for you!  Hopefully they’ll open soon.

dafodils closed
Saturday, my Mum Is back off her holiday. I’ve missed her this week. We had a fun morning and lunch out in town.  I’d got a lift there to meet her and we had to catch the bus back home, the whole 50 minutes.  It started out well and ended in naps, all round!

Karen and Robot on the bus - Gran at the window kissing

That is Gran at the window giving us a smooch, can you see the family resemblance?

Hope you have a brilliant week ahead.

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  1. That sounds like a lovely week! And congratulations for coming so far in only 9 weeks! That’s an amazing achievement! Gorgeous photos. It particularly made me giggle the one with your little man sitting outside with only one sock on! That’s Ernie most of the time too! 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday! X

    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks Louise. I didn’t think I was being down!? I’m impressed at how far it’s come too. It’s all you lovely people out there that make it possible. I did do a little dance at 1000. Took a screen grab too for proof have a good week x

  2. I am impressed that you got 5 loads of washing washed AND dried in one day! And a bit jealous, my laundry pile is never ending! Aww I love that you bought yourself some flowers, are they daffodils? This is the first week this year that I’ve not bought a bunch, as we had a wedding then my stepdaughter’s birthday so I’ve been running round like a headless chicken. Congratulations on your blogstats going up and your Twitter milestone too! Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x

    1. isntitpretty

      THank you! I did have one load left drying at the end of the day. THey are daffodils, like a two tone white/yellow one. THey’ve gone over now and I failed to get a good picture!

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