Happy Days #7 It’s ALL about the Robot!

I feel like I have been rather self-indulgent with my happy days the last few weeks.  It’s all been about me!  A brilliant subject but I thought this week I am going to try to focus on everything that my son does to make me happy!

On Sunday we took a bike ride with the Robot, he is a brilliant bike passenger!  He squeals with delight often and pats my bum to go faster!  He can go 14 miles with little complaint.  Check out our Day Out Cycling to Glasson Dock.

We had a day with Gran on Monday, I love watching her and the Robot play. It makes me smile.  They looked so content reading this book together: gran and robot readingOn Tuesday we returned to our play group schedule after the Easter break. The Robot has got way more interactive with other babies, he is still very much the younger baby in the group but he is holding is own and attacking back!

Antics of my 9 month old became one of my most viewed blog posts on Wednesday.  It’s all about the Robot and makes me pretty happy!

Thursday we went out for the afternoon to one of our local parks.  I am oh so very proud of my son, he is always the model baby, I love carrying him in my woven wrap and he is really observant and takes everything in.  #MumLove!  (yes I’m hashtagging in my blog post!)

We went for another cycle out as a family on Friday.  The Robot loves going on the train, he taps the windows and watches the fields go by.  He also loves his Daddy cuddles, I think this is such a lovely shot.  Being added to #MyHappyCapture any moment!

Cuddes with dad on the train

Davids parents came to visit us in Saturday.  They don’t get to see the Robot often, it was nice for them to see how much he has grown.  They are really proud of him!

There you have it, I think I got through a whole week talking about my other favourite subject!  Hope you have a brilliant week ahead.

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  1. That’s lovely Karen that you’ve focused this post on your son, although it is also nice to focus on the happy days for you too. It’s lovely hearing how Robot is developing, at this age they develop really fast, and it is so nice to have a blog post like this to capture these milestones. Robot is pretty much the same age as my daughter, and we are going through rapid developmental changes, every day she is doing something new – rolling, waving, I’m just waiting for crawling to properly kick in now. I’m going on a train tomorrow, so I will see if she also taps the window, if not I’m sure looking at the world go by will keep her entertained for an hour. I look forward to hearing future updates about Robot. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday. Claire x
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    1. isntitpretty

      Claire, thanks for inviting me to kcacols it’s been the best I’ve joined so far!! Good luck on the train and all the milestones! Oh and the change in sleep patterns, my oh my mine has gone wrong!

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