Happy Days #6 Plenty of Adventures!

It’s been 6 weeks now since I started taking part in the Happy Days Linky with Katy & Sian.  I revisited their linky introduction to remind me what they’ve said;

“Sometimes it can feel as though nothing is going right and you may feel as though you have not had a good week at all.”

This is so true for me this week.  It’s the blog, I felt like it was taking over, well not the blog, but everything that goes with it.  The endless conversations, the continuous twitter chat, going on all the time, I desperately want to join in.  Endless reading and commenting, joining in on Linkys.  You could literally spend every hour of the day doing this.  I love it, I really do, but obsession has set in and so has the little munchkin on my shoulder telling me I’m a failure for not keeping up!  I’ve taken a breather and decided to take a step sideways and try really hard for now to not let this bother me.   I have certain projects and challenges on the go at the moment, I am enjoying these, I’ve decided to concentrate on these for a week or two.  Not to get fed up if I can’t join in on a twitter hour or don’t manage to update my Facebook profile.  It really doesn’t matter, it will be there next week.  My first priority is my family, followed by my projects;

If I manage anything else then that is a bonus!

“This [Happy Days] linky is here to show you that if you take a close enough look you will always find happy in each and every day!”

Here I go… My happy moments from this week.

Sunday I managed a solo bike ride with the Robot.  It was sunny and I was pleased with myself for taking the solo trip without crashing out in the canal!  I was even happier that the Robot fell asleep in the bike seat rather than crying lots.  I couldn’t handle it if he was crying.

Monday we received two massive builder bags of logs for the fire.  Living in a mid terrace on a main road, the logs were unloaded 3 houses away.  I managed to move them one bucket load at a time into our own garden before Dave came home from work!  I know this doesn’t seem such a happy feat, but it made Dave happy that he didn’t have to do it himself!!

My Mum took us for a tour around Kendal on Tuesday, we visited her first ever house that she bought with my Dad, 40 years ago.  It was really nice to hear a little bit of history of the family from a time I didn’t exist. Such a lovely day.

Wednesday I had a rare day out with a Mummy friend!  We shared a lift.  It was so unbelievably cute seeing the two babies in the back of the car together.  Both being about 9 months, boys and only children it was as if they were siblings.  A little joy!  We headed into town as one of the local cinemas was trialing a baby cinema showing.  About 30 Mums showed up, so we are hoping they will do it again.  We watched A Lady in the Van.  The babies were perfect through it.  We went for lunch after.  It was a really nice day!

Thursday is the day I decided to let go of my blogging angst.  We had a bit of a lazy day around the house.  Dave was home and he did all the cooking for us.  The Robot had a really long nap, and ironically I got loads done on the blog!!  Friday we went out on the bikes as a family! It was great to get back on the bike and do more than cycle 2 miles down the canal and back!  I was really proud of the Robot for managing his first 13 mile bike ride!  On the back of my bike!

Saturday I took a trip into town to the local Sling Library learnt a new hip carry!  I think I am going to like this one, it free’s my hands up even more than my normal carry!

One last happy!  The Robot is commando crawling around like he’s been doing it all his life!  It’s pretty amazing to watch!

Thank you Sian and Katy for hosting the Happy Days Linky.  I really love thinking about all the happy moments from the week, amongst all the bad, it’s nice to see the light!

Hope you all have a fun week ahead.

What Katy Said


  1. Love this, it’s such a good idea, I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed with the blog, I’ve just let go of it all and decided not to worry about it. I don’t personally have any major desire to be a pro blogger anyway so it’s silly to worry about it. Hopefully it will grow organically if you know what I mean?! But I think you do loads and are doing a fab job, so don’t worry at all. You should feel proud!!
    I keep meaning to go to the baby showing at our local cinema but it hasn’t happened yet- I hope it’s still going haha.

  2. Love the look of that hip carry – looks very comfy and good to have your hands free too! Blogging can be incredibly overwhelming can’t it – good luck with finding a balance that works for you. it’s so easy to feel under pressure to join linkies and twitter chats and I think most of us go through that stage of being overwhelmed and then finding our feet again in a blogging pattern that is manageable.
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 10/04/16My Profile

  3. Loving your fispi! Sorry to hear you’ve been finding the blog world a bit overwhelming lately, I get like that sometimes and it’s good to take a step back and have a break, and then work out what it is you really want to take part in. I rarely do twitter chats and often go days without posting on social media. It’s okay though, like you I want to put my family first. Anyway, sorry for the ramble haha! And thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky 🙂 x
    Sian QuiteFranklySheSaid recently posted…Review: The 3rd Woman by Jonathan FreedlandMy Profile

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