Happy Days #5 In Full Swing

It’s felt like a really long week this week. Not sure why, it’s just dragged. It might be because Dave has worked some really long days and it meant I’ve had to do all the house work. We’re all feeling a little under the weather now too so we are just about functioning!

Here are my little bits of happiness from this week:

On Sunday I caught up with a friend, we went for a lovely walk and got to have a good natter! It was nice as it wasn’t all about the Robot!!

Monday morning was hard work as I had a headache but I was determined to go to my fit mum class as I pay for it in advance! Dave had a rare afternoon off and took pity on me and sent me to bed for a whole 2 hour nap!!

I may have mentioned last week that we had no internet so on Tuesday I celebrated the return of our connection!!

Robot is properly rolling now. Even in his bed, how do you stop that?

Rolling Baby

I’ve finally set up my Facebook page!  It was a tough ask as I’ve not been a massive fan of Facebook for a while.  It’s growing on me, I may like it even more if you go and like my page

Thursday I announced my 5×50 challenge.  A challenge to walk, run or cycle 5K a day for 50 days.  I am excited by it and will be looking forward to sharing my progress on the blog!

I also found this wooden train set in a charity shop for the Robot.  He loves it already!

Train Set

On Friday I surprised my mum at her local church childrens activity morning.  She loves her Grandson!!  While there I took the time to visit my Grandparents grave.  It was nice to say Hi to them and reflect a little on life.  Plus it’s such an idealic spot and the sun was shining so it felt extra special.


In spirit of @QuiteFranklySaid and her weekly flower buying I decided to buy myself some summer bulbs and bedding plants for my garden.  Having given away my allotment last year, I am focussing on flowers in my backbgarden to cheer me up.  I bought some green beans to climb too!  Hopefully I will have time to plant them this weekend!


Finally it is Saturday and having full access to the internet again I have enjoyed getting back into my blog and all that is involved with blogging!  Slightly inspired by Katy & Sian, I really love the idea of hosting my own weekly linky.  I have been mulling it over for a fortnight.  Today I plunged straight in and created it, let me introduce you to #ABrandNewDay.


Do go and check it out, and if you can please link up!

Have a good week everyone

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  1. Glad you have your internet up and running again. Well done on the FB page and good luck with your challenge – great idea that I may commender for myself. Look forward to linking up with you on your new linky xx #bigpinklink

    1. isntitpretty

      Wow 90 link ups and still a day to go! Definitely bumper! I keep calling back to see what’s new to read. Since pondering the cot thing he is now content at sleeping on his front with his arm dangling out of the cot!! Take your time

  2. Even though it’s been a long week for you, you’ve definitely found positive moments out of it which is always great! hooray for working Internet! Congratulations on setting up your Facebook page and hosting your own Linky! That sounds fab, I hope you get lots of great posts! Good luck for your challenge, I’ll be cheering you all the way! Can’t wait to read all about it 🙂 xxx #BigPinkLink

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