Happy Days #44 – Days Out, Love and Sleep!

Happy Days is a process for finding the happiness in every day and is something that I enjoy doing with Katy and Sian each week, I really feel it adds value to my life.  It allows me to make the most of each day and leave it on a positive note.

They say that time goes fast as you get older but that is a long way off this week.  I’m so glad I’ve been keeping notes because I look at some of the notes from last weekend and I really don’t remember doing some of the stuff on my list!!  I’m pretty sure lack of sleep and a busy schedule accounts for that!

Let’s get on with my Happy List…

– Dave went to work at the weekend and I promised that I would try to take the Robot swimming on my own.  We got up bright and early and drove to the pool, got there at 9am ready to go and it was closed till 10am.  Error!  Too far to drive home we had snuck in the cafe to have a hot chocolate together.  Result.  The swimming also went well!

– The rare night out!  I didn’t drink but went out for a meal with my friends for a birthday.  Having not been out for a childless meal in ages I totally pig out and ordered loads of food.  I was stuffed and very happy!!

– I’ve been going off piste with my bloggy creativeness which I discussed over here.  Not only have I been crocheting, reading and generally being a domestic goddess, I’ve been getting creative with the Robot.  Here we are doing a bit of sticky back plastic sticking on the wall:

Robot being creative on the wall

Fancy getting creative with your kids? Come follow me on Pinterest:

– I may have mentioned this last week but I think I need to start a cult or something… Tea in the Park!  Take a flask of tea to the park with you.  I bumped into a Mummy from a playgroup while I was there and she was drinking tea too which having never discussed this with her I thought was quite amusing.  Try it, it’s park transforming!

– Poor Dave is working so hard at the moment.  He only did a half day one day so we took the opportunity to go for a walk along the canal.  Now that I have full membership to Geocache I was able to pick up another sneaky cache on the canal.  It was a clever one!

– We have a local farm and wildlife park very near us.  I bought a years membership to both so we can call in whenever.  I clocked a special offer on the farm for a free scone with a hot drink on a Monday morning.  This totally twisted my arm to get me out the house and take the Robot to the farm!  I love scones.  The Robot loves the tractors:

Robot on a tractor at the farm

– Tea time successes.  A combination of illnesses has made food after 4pm a no go for the Robot but he’s finally started to eat his tea again. It puts our minds at rest when we can send him to bed with food in his belly again.

– The Robot is amazing me everyday.  Words are coming thick and fast but not only that he’s becoming a genuine little person and that is really beautiful.  The other day Dave reached out to me to stroke my arm over dinner and the Robot copied him doing the same.  It was so cute.  He’s also becoming obsessed with hats, something that I think he is copying from his Daddy, but his definition of hat is a tad different from mine…

Robot with trousers on his head

– A much needed full night sleep!  Even though I don’t mind the Robot waking me from time to time it’s been a bit consistent lately.  A head cold is lingering and I really need a full night and thankfully I got one, then a nap the next day too.  Recovering!

– Dave took a day off midweek as some of his friends came to visit with their 11 month old twins.  They’re adorable.  We went for a walk by the sea and had a fish and chips lunch.  It was a lovely day off!

Robot in the backpack

Thats it for this week… We hope you have a great weekend…  Have you any good plans?    The Robot and I are going to visit my Mum but the rest of the weekend is yet to be discussed!!


  1. I went to the park yesterday and was cursing the fact I don’t have a flask after remembering your advice, I’m going to have to remedy that one! The Robit isn’t the only one with an definition of hats, my daughter likes to steal the underpants off the washing line to wear as hats (or sometimes scarves if she pulls them right down!) and at toddler group on Thursday an empty toy box and a basket became the headware or choice. Loving the sound of a free scone in a Monday morning, that would definitely get me out of the house every week!
    Alana – Burnished Chaos recently posted…Happy Days: Playing, Learning and Maybe EarningMy Profile

  2. A hot drink and a scone will brighten up any Monday! Glad you got to have a child-free night out – it’s so important to have one of those every now and then so you feel like a proper adult again. And it’s so fun when they start learning words, isn’t it? The Popple picks up new ones every day, and she’s so pleased with herself whenever she gets one right. #FamilyFun
    Squirmy Popple recently posted…Why I didn’t do a Beyoncé-style pregnancy announcementMy Profile

  3. This is lovely. I am totally guilty of forgetting what I do week to week. I downloaded an app called 1 second everyday. You basically take a 1 sec video each day and it collates it all into a year long film for you at the end of the year, It’s super fun! #FamilyFun

  4. Adore your positivity and thankfulness! It really is the best approach to life ins’t it? Adore the Robot’s hat style – totally rocking it – he really is so photogenic, Karen – just gorgeous! Start a cult, start a cult – tea in the park! Oo isn’t that a festival? Flask in the park then – oo that sounds better – it rhymes! Have a great week lovely xx #FamilyFun
    justsayingmum recently posted…You Were Once a Baby in My ArmsMy Profile

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a great week. I can’t resist a scone either! I’ve got a day off on Sunday – the first for 25 days, so I’m planning a walk with the dogs and lunch in a pub – bliss 🙂 Alison x #FamilyFun

  6. Scones really are awesome! Love the idea of taking a hot drink to the park with you! I spend most of my time running around after my daughter as she HAS to climb on the big stuff, and often try to kill herself in the process! Think I’d end up with more tea on me then in me! Also so good to have an adult only night out with friends, I’d do the same and totally stuff myself! #familyfun

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