Happy Days 42 Zoo, Puddles and Awards

Even though I wrote last weeks happy days post late it feels like it was months ago!  It has been such a busy week and I’ve got loads of done and been on lots of adventures with the Robot.  I’ve been processing a lot of stuff that has been going on behind the scenes in the Two Tiny Hands household and I feel like I’m in a happy place, I hope so anyway!

Let’s take a look at what we got up too…

– We went to the Safari Zoo which used to be called South Lakes Wild Animal Park.  I have to admit I like the old one because at least it tells you where it is!  That’s beside the point though… The Robot enjoyed himself, there are a lot of animals he’s never seen before so I think he found it fascinating.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to the zoo and I hadn’t realised how much they had expanded it and there is loads more to see!

Family Selfie shot at the zoo
The Family Selfie at the Zoo!


– My Mum came home!!  Not that I told you she’s been away but after two weeks it is nice to have her back in the country and readily available to play!  We took her to the zoo with us, can you tell how much the Robot loves his Gran:

Robot and gran moment

– We found “Grandmas Cafe” and I am now a premium paid geocacher!  We went out for a walk on Sunday and Dave spotted a geocache out in the open.  Shock, they’re normally hidden!  I logged my name in the log book and went to log it at home online.  It was my first multi cache where you have to work out the co-ordinates with a series of clues.  A bit of excitement for the geocachers out there!

– I went to visit my friend.  Not so happy that she has been in an accident but oh so happy that she is still here to tell the tale.  She is truly amazing and I hope she continues a speedy recovery.  The Robot and I took the train together as my car was at the garage.  It was a long way and I am so proud of my little man and his ability to entertain himself while we travelled.

Karen and Robot selfie - karen is sticker her tounge out and the Robot is smiling

– The Robot and I went on a walk to go pick the car up from the garage. He’s got so much stamina I swear he walked nearly a mile with me.  He chose to wear his red wellies and his red jump suit and it was the perfect attire to go puddle jumping in.  It took us 2 hours to a 20 minute walk!   The perfect way to spend an afternoon with my little man especially when we found the park.

Robot stood on the slide

– Thank you to all of you wonderful people who voted for me in the #TribalChat awards.  I came out with the Inspiration award so I am really grateful for each and every one of you.  I hope that I continue to be of inspiration for you all!

– They aren’t huge blog landmarks but I’ve managed to get 400 followers over on Pinterest and 500 followers on Instagram.  I’m in it for the slow game but if by chance you’d like to follow me then click the links and give it a go!

– We had a spare afternoon on Friday and slightly inspired by this blog post by Alana from Burnished Chaos, we decided to get our dance on.  I selected a Happy Hardcore CD from Dave’s selection of CD’s, plugged us in and got Dancing crazily around the living room!  So much fun.

All in all a very good week for me.  We don’t have a lot planned for the weekend, Dave is working Saturday so I am going to take the Robot swimming and possibly go buy a buggy.  Have you got any good plans going on?


zoo puddles and awards a picture of the Robot looking at Gran




  1. Sounds like you’ve had a great week. Lovely to hear that you’re feeling in a happy place. Robot has definitely got some good stamina! My daughter can walk a mile or so…if she chooses. More often than not she’ll decide she’d rather be carried for a bit so she can nosey from up high. That said, puddles did encourage her to walk. Hope you have a lovely relaxed weekend! #FamilyFun
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