Happy Days #41 – A Day Late

It’s that time of the week where I look back at the week and pick out my happy moments to share with you.  I normally do this on a Saturday but I’ve struggled this week to keep track and find time so I don’t have a huge amount to say this week. I can normally fudge it by looking at my photos but even this I’ve failed at.  Never mind though as I’ll make the most out of what we’ve got!! On to the happy!

– We went to visit Dave’s parents last weekend. It’s lovely for them see the Robot as they don’t get to see him as much as they like. He always fits in their home without any problems. It may be something to do with all the old school cool toys that they have stashed away though!!

– I’ve made my way back into the kitchen now that Dave has gone back to work. He tends to do all the cooking if he is about so it makes a change to cook. I’ve made Tomato soup, risotto, a roast dinner and a cake so far. All good fun.

– BABY GROUPS! It feels like about 4 weeks since we last went to one. They are well and truly running again after the Christmas break. We love going to baby groups because it keeps us sane.

– The Robot has started doing Didi Dance.  A dance class for toddlers.   He’s always enjoyed listening to music and often has a dance around so it doesn’t surprise me that he like this class.

– All the words.  The Robot is learning words all the time.  He does a combination of baby signing and actual words.  It’s great. The moon was full and up this morning and we told him it was the moon.  For the next 3 hours he just kept pointing at the window saying “moon moon”.

That’s it I’m afraid but I’ll leave you with this lovely photo of Daddy & Son full of concentration, I love it!!

The Robot and his Daddy staring at a Camera
How’s your happy?


  1. Still a lot of things to be grateful for this week that’s for sure! I love that strange where there vocabulary grows do fast and they fixate on a word. Also I know what you mean about how nice it is to get back to groups. Keeping a toddler amused without them can be tough! #FamilyFun

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