Happy Days #4 Walking the week away

Putting aside the fact that this week I have not had the internet to hand I’ve had some pretty amazing happy moments, technology free! Check out What do Bloggers do when the Internet fails Part 1 and Part 2.   But in the spirit of happiness I shall not mention the missing Internet again!

Sunday Morning was amazing. I spent Saturday night up too late on the computer so knew I was going to struggle on Sunday, but hey I didn’t care. I was enjoying blog time! The Robot woke up at 7.30, I gave him milk and Dave very kindly took him downstairs so I could sleep in. 9.30 later I wake up to the smell of dinner. Dave had prepared the dinner, fed the baby breakfast, done the washing up, put a wash load on, hung it up. I know lucky me. While I ate my cereal he then said I’m going to the shops, I’ll take the Robot with me! Shock horror, more me time! I decided to spread my happiness commenting on the #happydayslinky blogs! When they came back The Robot went down to sleep like a pro so I had even more me time!!

Sunday Afternoon we went for a bike ride along the canal. The Robots 2nd bike ride and he seems to like it!!

bike ride
Monday was a day of exercise.  At FitMums we used a tug of war rope as a whip, my arms survived!  The afternoon I took a long walk with the Jogger bugger I lovingly repaired while pregnant.  It’s really old but oh so nice to push along the muddy canal!  I got my garden tidy too, which was long overdue.  The sweet peas were still brown and hanging from where I left them when I had the Robot last July!  Result!

Tuesday I spent with my Mum, I love Tuesdays!  We went to the dentist, I found out I needed 2 fillings. I’m still on free prescriptions so the treatment is free #somethingtobehappyabout!

Wednesday I walked 12000 steps!  My goal each day is 6000.

Thursday I got my hair cut, I’ve not looked back.  Such a good idea.  My head is lighter and the little curls from my pregnant re-growth have disappeared!

Friday I got round to making cushion covers for the Robots room.  Not used the sewing machine in ages, it was like a little treat!

Saturday we went to the Lake District for the day and got a really good walk in up The Old Man of Coniston.

I’ve done loads of walking this week, I might just add that I couldn’t have done this without the amazing weather that we’re having.

Have a happy week everyone x

What Katy Said


    1. isntitpretty

      It does help that the weather has been great! Also I’ve only got the one Robot to take with me. I couldn’t contemplate it with 3 kiddies in tow, how you ever get out is beyond me?

    1. isntitpretty

      He he, I’ve not had the Internet! It’s surprising how much it takes over your time! I had big plans for the garden now I have the baby I have scaled back my ambition! How long have you moved in?

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