Happy Days #39 – Have a Good One

When I keep track of what is going on each week I use my photos to choose some of my happy moments.  I scrolled back on Friday morning and panicked!  No photos, what have I been up to all week.  Not like me at all.  Well anyway today I made sure I got at least one for you…  Here are a my happy days:

– My big Brother came to visit us at the weekend.  We’ve not seen him since the 2nd of January so it was great to see him again this year.  We didn’t get up to much but we did go to one of our local pubs for a “Christmas” meal.  We were pleasantly surprised by how amazing it was.  We had a 4 course meal over the space of 3 hours and the Robot was a complete dream the entire time!  It’s the Canal Turn in Carnforth if you wanted to know!

– Lots of TV cuddles.   The Robot was a little poorly at the weekend.  It meant I was his favourite person and he slept on me for a few days in the day time.  We completely indulged by having milky boob cuddles in front of the TV!

– 2nd Birthday party invites.  We went along to one of the Robots friends house for a “non” Birthday party.  It was nice to see them not playing with each other!  I say it like this because the 3 children just played on their own the entire time ignoring one another.  It was a funny one!

– Carnforth light switch on – The annual light switch on was as usual a good one.  We live really close to town so we can walk in and drink mulled wine without having to drive.  The Morecambe Bay Beats Dance Troop were playing and the Robot, Dave and I enjoyed dancing along.

– The Morecambe Bay Sling library meet at the Cornerstones Cafe in Lancaster.  They make the most amazing cake.  I had an orange Jaffa style piece this week and it was soooo good.

– We got some new windows.  No longer the fear of the Robot falling out of a rotten window!

– We met up with a friend for a Christmas soft play and lunch. These boys are like two peas in a pod.  I love how similar they are and how much they have grown.  Launching themselves in the ball pits with ease!

Happy Days - Robot in the ball pit
Can you see me?!

That is all for this week.   I’ve got 2 more blog posts planned next week.  I’ve decided to close up shop for the Christmas break.  A bit of radio silence will do me good!

I hope you have a brilliant Christmas and I’ll see you in the New Year.

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