Happy Days #38 – It’s Christmas!!

It’s finally December and it really is crazy the speed this week has gone by.  It’s ended in relatively good spirits so it’s been a pleasure putting together my Happy Days post this week… Let’s look at all the Happy:

– I’m saying NO to blogging a bit more recently and I ignored the fact that I wanted to have a bloggy day and decided to go for a walk for a pub lunch with the boys.  I may have been filming and taking pictures for a review on route too but, shhh, I wasn’t blogging!

– The playgroup had a photographer come to take Christmas pictures of the kids.   It’s the Robots first professional shoot and he looks amazing…  I say professional shoot in a way we were there for hours.  We weren’t, he’s such a good bloggers child, he sat down and she got the shot in a matter of seconds before he was moved on and the next child came in.

Robot sat on a stool with a Christmas jumper on with a seal sat nect to him

–  The Robot took some rubbish to the bin completely un-prompted.  This may not sound so dramatic but we were in the lounge and I didn’t say it was rubbish.  He just picked it up, walked in the kitchen, opened the cupboard door, pulled the bin out, put rubbish in, closed it and walked back again as if it was something he’s been doing all his life.  I was amazed.

– I wrote a difficult post about Seasonal Affective Disorder this week and I’ve been getting some really lovely comments from it.  I really love the blogging community and all their beautiful words.

– Because of the SAD post though it meant I made an effort to get outside and exercise, I not only went to the beach for a walk, but got to go on a bike ride.  Dave appeared home from work just as I got the Robot to nap so I jumped at the opportunity to get on 2 wheels alone.  I went on a nice easy route that just so happened to go past a sneaky geocache that baffled us in the Summer.  Look at the view:

View over Capenwray Hall

– I bumped into a Mummy friend at the train station on the way home from the sling library.  With only the one child, the Robot, who was asleep it was lovely to have an adult conversation with her and get to know her a bit more without the demands of our (lovely)children!

– The Robot is getting really chatty at the moment and is babbling sentences at me left right and centre.  He can hear the choo choo trains from the station wherever we are in town and everything with bloody wheels needs naming.  Mostly “car” but we’re getting “buss”, “digga” and “tata”.    It’s brilliant.

– I won chocolate in a raffle.

– I ate chocolate from the raffle.

– My big brother has come to visit he brought chocolate!

– We seem to have lots of box activities on the go at the moment and can’t resist showing you this:

robot in a box

Hope you have a brilliant week.  We’re going to enjoy the weekend with Uncle Alex!



  1. Aww, that photo is adorable! Sadly the nursery photographer has been unable to get one of Max for two years now – he’s definitely not a good blogger’s child! That’s great you’ve been getting out – I’ve not read your post but I often find I get quite down in the winter months, so can definitely relate. And chocolate always helps! #happydays
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…5 Happy Things #27My Profile

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