Happy Days #35 – Happiness Must Prevail

Welcome to my Happy Days blog. Today is a bumper edition as I took last week off, so I’m bringing you a fortnight worth of happy!  This last week though hasn’t been the happiest of weeks, some would say a massive nightmare.  I am wishing all my friends over the pond well and my heart is with you.

Now more than ever I think it’s important to focus in on the positive and happiness in our lives.  So without further a do here are my happy bits from the last fortnight:

  • Meeting up with my best friend and getting to spend child free time chatting to her.  Maybe with a few sneaky drinks too.
  • Seeing the family for a much-needed Halloween party revival!
  • Meeting another best friend and her son to see their new house.  It’s great to see them getting sorted.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the future… x x x
  • Hit the 4000 follower mark on Twitter!  I am amazed.
  • Pre-Birthday afternoon tea with my Mum.  This was the first time the Robot walked through the town with us.  It made us smile when he got distracted by the book shops window display.
  • Treating myself to a Tuff Spot so that I can do lots of fun play activities with the Robot.
  • After lots of wakeful nights the Robot seems to be sleeping through and treating me to some good naps in the day too.  I’m starting to feel like I have caught up on a years worth of sleep!
  • I had my Birthday and lots of special little treats – cake, presents, walks to the park and annual membership to the local farm!
  • We went to Blackpool!
  • We had lunch with a sling library/blogging friend.  She has just started blogging over at My Danglish Family.  A very new friend for me and is beyond lovely!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the fortnight:

Robot happy on his swing

Robot infront of the fire

Robot playing with the stary sky

Robot looking excited
Catching the train to Lancaster – The Robot super excited about a train going by

robot climbing a ladder for the slide

A fair few this week!   Hope you have a brilliant week.



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