Happy Days #34 – A Day Early

Finding the happiness in every day. I’m writing this a day early and scheduling to go live as I’m off to visit my friend on Friday and I really just won’t get chance to write this if I don’t do it now! I LOVE the ability to schedule! Sorry Dad, I really don’t get up at 6am in the morning to do this!

Whats made me happy this week…

– A day of geocaching!
– Crisp Autumnal weather.
– Soup – More important the Robot eating his own soup like a pro.
– Big climb on me hugs and kisses from the Robot. I love that he has started doing this.
– Getting a pumpkin.
– A special photo shoot with a friend and her son.

It is a short week so this really is a little short! My favourite photo of the week goes to our new-found love of walking the Robot:

Robot walking with his parents

As I’m saving most my photos I’ve taken this week for blog posts next week I’ll share this mini video with you:

It’ll be on the blog again next week, but it doesn’t hurt to share, right?

Have a good weekend.


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