Happy Days #33 – Just Getting on With Life

There are some weeks that just seem to fly by.  I’ve been really busy this week but yet I haven’t at the same time! That is why I’ve titled this post as “Just Getting on With Life”.

Finding all the little happy moments in life is something I really cherish doing and being on week 33 I have to admit this is the longest commitment I have had in a loooong time!  I’m enjoying it and I hope you are too, so let’s just get on with it;

– We went our first family blogging adventure to Brockholes in Preston.  A nature reserve run by the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.   We participated in a Welly Walk for Wynsors shoes.  There is a blog post coming next week all about this.   You may have noticed my cute red wellies over on Instagram?

– We had a proper Aquafresh moment one morning when all three of us were stood (assisted standing in the Robots case) around the bathroom sink cleaning our teeth.  It made me really grin and appreciate our little growing family.

– I achieved a one of my October bucket list goals and went to see Bridget Jones at the cinema with some Mummy friends.

– I’ve been thinking about changing my blog theme for a while now.  I took the plunge this week and updated it.  I’ve not really asked anyone for feedback on it as I quite like it.  Is it okay?

– As well as nurturing my rainbow over on my Instagram feed, I have also been making a point to tidy up my Pinterest account.   I have organised my boards and started adding all my blog posts to it in hope that I can start getting some traffic from there.  So far so good!  Are you following me?

– The Robot and I had a good afternoon at my Mums on Tuesday.  A lovely walk in Autumnal weather!

– I made it to the zoo again this week.  I love having an annual pass as it means we can just pop up there for an hour.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from this week:

Karen and Robot having a selfie with the River kent in the back ground

Dave and the Robot looking out the window at Brockholes

Karen and the Robot having their picture taken at Brockholes. Grass bank in the background

I’m going to make it a mission to finish a couple of my October Bucket list items this weekend.  I’ll hopefully find the time around the Robot and Dave!   Hope you have a good weekend.




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