Happy Days #32 – Started with a Sick Bug

We started our week with a sick bug.  It meant that pretty much the whole weekend and Monday Dave, I and the Robot just went into survival mode.  There are very few happy moments to draw from but I am eternally grateful that Dave was able to look after the Robot when I was ill and vice versa a day later when he got ill.   The Robot other than a loss of appetite carried on as normal!

We have had some great happy moments though, so lets take a look at them;

–  I don’t think they are full words at the moment but the Robot is clearly trying to say Car & Tractor at us.  It’s really sweet and I can see how more and more words will start to tumble out soon.

– The group leader of baby masage came to see us at the toddler group this week.  I took the Robot to baby masage when he was 3 weeks old and pretty much every week until he was 6 months if not beyond.  It was nice to see her and for her to see how much he’d grown.  It’s amazing what they remember.

– Even though we were ill the Robots walking skills blossomed over the weekend.  He’s never really worn shoes at all but he’s been handing me socks to put on.  As he was taking an interest we decided to go and buy his first shoes.  He loves wearing them though so I am glad I waited till he was ready.

– I’ve got 2 more photos featured on Instagram.   I am sure it is just a fluke, 3 in two weeks…  #PottyAdventures #HighlightsofHappy  They are both fairly new communities but I think they are going to be good ones.  Why not try them out!

– As for Instagram.  I am thoroughly enjoying it.  I’ve set a challenge in my October Bucket list to make a pretty pattern in my feed.   So far so good, I love a good plan.

– I think with illness comes a low afterwards.  I was feeling a little negative about a lot of things.  Rather than keep it to myself I reached out to my blogging friends and they pretty much lifted my spirits more than I could have hoped for.  I’m so lucky to have found a group of friends that are so like minded.  I love a virtual kick up the backside!

Here are a couple of my favourite photos of the week

Dave and the Robot playing

The Robot with his new shoes




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