Happy Days #31 – Fun packed

The process of finding the little bits of happiness in each day is really therapeutic for me.  Recording this down so that I can share it with you and keep an everlasting memory for myself.  This week has been non stop and I am here on Friday evening trying to cram everything I have to do in.  Not an easy task with a to do list as long as my arm.

– I have been going in and out of love with Instagram and have tried to make an effort with it recently.  I was extatic to be featured on the Instagram community #RemberingTheseDays in my first week of trying!

– The BIG news is that the Robot took his first steps.  All four of them and none since but my heart was in my mouth with pride!  It is only a matter of time now before he is off! [and now 2nd steps]

– After what was a rubbish nights sleep and with back to bed moments for both of us we managed to get out for a walk.  We walked up Clougha Pike.  Beautiful weather and great views.

– I have finally got round to writing a bucket list!  We shall see if I am successful or not!

– We took a last-minute decision to get on our bikes and head for a night away at Slaidburn YHA.  The Autumnal weather is brilliant at the moment and we had a good couple of days away.

– After last weeks attempt at soft play we managed to do another soft play session this time with friends.  The Robot really is good at climbing we had loads of fun!

– My Mum came to meet us at the Sling Library this week, we had lunch and then went home to play.  I love this bonding time.

– I made the decision to tell people about my blog.  I wrote a post all about it and have shared my Facebook page with all my friends and family.  It was really scary to do but so far I’ve only had positive feedback!

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from this week:

dave and robot on the bikes

robot eating a pear

dave and karen cuddle

Enjoy your week.  I hope you get up to some interesting things?




  1. Yay for first steps! He’ll be up and walking with you guys in no time at all! Well done on telling people about the blog – I know that was a huge step for me, but one I’m really pleased I did, as people have been so supportive. But I definitely felt that I wanted to feel like it was successful before people found out if you know what I mean! #HappyDays
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…5 Happy Things #24My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      I know exactly what you mean. I still consider myself “successful” though but I am pretty happy with where I am at with it all so that is successful really isn’t it?! We’ve had loads more first steps going on this weekend, it’s really weird watching him walk!

  2. Sam

    Sounds like a lovely week. Well done Robot, it won’t be long until he’s into everything now. They are so cute when learning to walk. I have wondered about whether or not to start a Facebook page and share it with my friends but I keep putting it off. The only ones who know about my attempts to become a blogger are my other half, mum and sister at the minute. Maybe one day though..
    Sam recently posted…It’s the little things that matter..My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Give it time, when you have confindence in your blog and have a blogger following then you might feel like you can do it! For now enjoy the fact that your family enjoy it.

  3. Beautiful photos from your week and well done on being featured in #rememberingthesedays. Glad to hear that the feedback from family and friends on your blog has been positive – it is scary when you open yourself up to people you know. Well done to the Robot on taking his first steps too – what a lovely milestone 🙂 #familyfun
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…A fun morning at the Playstation Kids & Parenting ShowcaseMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks Louise. I am loving his walking, it just adds another dimension to our lives now! lol. Outing myself as a blogger was really quite scary but I am glad I have done it now as I can now talk about blogging to people I know, much to their dismay!

  4. Whoop, super exciting that Robot has taken his first steps. It’s weird when they learn to walk but it really is a bit of a game changer. I love that my daughter can get herself around and walk along holding my hand (or more often than not, me clinging on to her wrist for dear life as she tries to flee). Also well done on telling your friends. I don’t really talk about my blog with real life people. It’s a massive step… Glad you got a positive response! #FamilyFun
    Angela Watling recently posted…Ditching the dummyMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      THanks Angela, I am looking forward to him walking beside me when he gets a bit bigger. I am sure I will have the same fear when I’m out about keeping hold of him though!

  5. Yay to the positive feedback, thats really great…can I say I told you so? First steps are super exciting, can you ask Robot to have a word with Toby please as I am fed up of having dirty trousers everyday from all the bum shuffling. Loved reading this, definitely feeling the happy list, its made me smile – thank you! #FamilyFun

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