Happy Days #30 – A Day Behind

This week I feel like I have been chasing my tail.  Everything seems like hard work and a lingering cold in the Two Tiny household means that we’ve all been feeling it.  I’m a day late in publishing my Happy Days post but I’m determined to get it posted this evening!  Without further a do, here are my happy bits from this week:

– I’ve been volunteering for Morecambe Bay Slings and I finally got to go along to one of their Saturday sling meets.  It was nice to meet some of the other volunteers that don’t make it to the Thursday meet.

– I went to BlogOn on Sunday.  It was a fantastic day and getting to meet lots of fabulous bloggers was really inspiring.  It was Christmas themed and now I’m getting excited for Christmas already!

– After our few days away and my Mums few days away we finally got to see Gran! My Mum came over and looked after us for the day after my busy Sunday.  It was great to chill out together and go for a little walk.

– A Mummy friend and I bailed on going to visit a new to us toddler group in favour of going on a walk instead.  It was great to catch up in the fresh air.

– Dave had most of Wednesday off.  As it was really drizzly we decided to go swimming as a family.  It was good fun.   The pool we go to is on a holiday park and they have a small soft play room.   I’ve avoided soft play at all costs so far, as the room was empty we decided to try it out…  The Robot loved it.

That is it for this week.  I told you it was a short one.  I assure you I’ll come back with an even better one next week!



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