Happy Days #29 – It’s just a phase

This is meant to be Happy Days and we have had some really happy moments but I thought I’d mention the “phase” that the Robot is in at the moment.   What a bloody phase it is, I am assured that 14 and a bit months is a pain.  It certainly is, I love him so much, but he’s so so so clingy!  Not to mention, tearful, strong willed, noisy, upset to name but a few negatives!  Add in the mix a bit of a cold and big teeth coming through he is a nightmare.

Amongst all the fog and craziness though there has been some extra special family moments… Let’s take a look at those happy bits:

– We got to go to the zoo with Gran!  It was last minute and it was good to take her to see the Meerkats and Limas.

– We went on a mini holiday into the Lake District, feel free to find out all about it.   The best thing to take from it is the crocodile walker that we got from Wicked Uncle came into its own.  I wish I’d got video as the Youth Hostels really long corridors were ideal for the Robot to practice his walking in, his walking and his squealing.

– 12 mile walk!  Always happy to achieve this distance, along some beautiful Lake District hills.

– My Autumn blog update!  We’ve gone orange.  I love it.

– A whole day to myself.  It’s been a bit surreal.  A false alarm on a first word too!

Short on text today, here are a few of my favourite photos:

Robot is stood next to the wall and he's looking back thoughtful

Wray castle - a medieval style gothic castle

Karen and the Robot selfie both joyful

I’m going to BlogOn this weekend, my first blogging conference.  Super nervous and excited at the same time.  Even more importantly Dave is looking after the Robot for the longest time ever all by himself!  Eeek.  I hope you have a great week ahead!





  1. Max was super clingy at that age too. To be honest he’s always been quite clingy, but it peaked from 12 months until 15 months when it suddenly eased off a bit more. I hope it happens around then for you too! Your holiday sounds perfect, I loved all the photos and the ones here are lovely too. Hope BlogOn is amazing – looking forward to hearing all about it from everyone! #happydays
    Katy – Hot Pink Wellingtons recently posted…5 Happy Things #23My Profile

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