Happy Days #27 – Choose Life

This is going to be a quick list today.  I’ve been concentrating on life rather than blogging this week.  I have however had chance to make a couple of 1 minute videos of some of our adventures.  I hope you enjoy…  Our happy moments from the week:

– I got to have a rare conversation with my brother.

– I picked blackberries and made a cake that went spectacularly wrong, although still tasted nice.

– Bank holiday Monday and Dave went to work but the Robot and I got to go and have brunch round at my friend’s house it’s so nice to catch up with them all!

robot and his duplo train looking very happy

– It was fun to take part in #TribalChat twitter hour on Tuesday.  We trended again.  The voting for the awards have opened if you want to vote for my blog do so here: Tribal Chat Blogging Awards

– I now have 3000 followers on Twitter.  It’s always an exciting landmark going past a thousand!

– Excited to announce the return of #FamilyFun Linky next week.  I hope you can join me?


– I got a load of free tomatoes and bananas and set to in the kitchen making tomato soup, banana bread and banoffee pie.  All delicious!

banoffee pie

– The Robot is taking his first tentative steps away from the support of the sofa!  It won’t be long now!

–  I successfully managed a Kangaroo carry with my woven wrap while the Robot slept in my arms.  Sorry no pictures but it was worth a mention!

Hope you had a good week?    We’re off to visit friends and family this weekend so it’s going to be a good one!







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