Happy Days #24 When You Have a Lemur on your Back

This week has sort of flown by, can’t believe I’m writing up my happy bits already!  The Robot was a little poorly last week, after a bout of spottyness he is back to normal now and playful as ever.   We even had a collection of one year old injections to give him too but thankfully no ill effect!  Lets not look at the bad things from the week though and focus on the positives, here we go:

– We got out for a bike ride and after what feels like forever Dave agreed to take a look at my gears.  They’ve been clunking away for ages.  It was fantastic how intrigued the Robot was.  He’ll be under car bonnets in no time!

Dave and the Robot next to an upside down bike. Dave is fixing it but the robot is looking on as if he is watching it

– Had a couple of low moments this week that were turned around with spending some lovely moments with my Mum.

– Seeing the Robot snuggle up with his Daddy in the bed.  He’s never done that before and Dave was still talking about it 12 hours later.  It made his day!

– I’ve really got the geocaching bug, we went for a 9 mile hike along the canal on Sunday and ended it with a wonderful pub lunch.  On Tuesday my Mum, the Robot and I went out to collect some more and notched my finds up to 8!  We stumbled over this lovely pack horse bridge, a fantastic end to out haul!

An old pack horse bridge over a small stream surrounded by trees. Karens Mum and the Robot in the buggy are on top of it.

– The play group age limit has increased over the Summer past the normal 2 year old limit.  It’s so nice to see all the big ones playing together and joining in.  It’ll be the Robot soon!

– I attended my first volunteer session for Morecambe Bay Slings.  I first went to them when I was 36 weeks pregnant to get guidance on baby carrying.  The team have been lovely over the last 14 months and have helped me through a variety of sling progressions. When I spotted they needed more volunteers I jumped a the chance, I can’t believe how much they’ve grown over the last year.  Its fantastic!

– Went to visit the Wildlife Oasis local zoo again.  This time I got a Lemur sitting on me for a good couple of minutes. So much fun!

Karen with a lemur on her back. The Robot is sat in her sling and is looking up at it.



The little moments in life which are the BIG things.  I’ve added a video here normally but I completely forgot to film anything.  Here are a few of my Sunday moments that meant a lot to me this week.

yellow baby water bottle in the robots hand
The Robot has finally started drinking water out of his straw cup
bowl of spaghetti with green cutlery sticking out
He’s even getting there with his cuttlery use
a ckose uo of robots eye its bright blue, his face is covered in red sauce
Even if he does get it ALL over his face


Hope you have a brilliant weekend.  It’s Daves Birthday today so we’re planning something fun!





    1. isntitpretty

      The lemurs are pretty cool, I did not have much of a choice on it couldn’t stop him! I like the idea of R being an engineer, his Great Grandad was an engineer so you never know!

  1. Sounds like even though there are a few tough bits within the week, you’ve managed to turn them around! It really does sound like you’ve had a great week over all and I’m very jealous about the Lima on your back!
    Also it but the biggest smile on my face readingrobot and Dave snuggling up in bed together! Just beautiful!
    Happy birthday to Dave, hope you all have a wonderful day 🙂 xxx
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