Happy Days #23 Party Time

The start of this week was jam packed with fun and adventure.  Unfortunately the later end of the week has ended less fun, poor Robot has picked up some mysterious illness.  Although he is happy in himself and playing as usual he’s covered in little spots and is just a little bit off.  Poor thing.  Lets not dwell on this though, he will get through it.  Lets take a look at all the happy bits from the past week.

– The first party of the week for Robots little friend J had a tea party, the Robot got his first experience of a ball pit.  Once he worked out he could chuck the balls out he was happy!

– J’s Mum made the most amazing little cakes!  You really can’t go wrong with cake at a party..

Robot in dungarees is looking at the camer sat inside a ball pit

– Sunday and we headed up to Keswick for a grown up leaving party.  It was for the wardens at Barrow House Youth Hostel.  Dave has worked with them on and off over the years.  It was nice to go up and meet up with all the people he used to work with.  Plus they got to meet little Robot.

– We got to go for a walk while in Keswick.  Have a look at our walk up Bowscale Tarn.

– Dave kindly looked after the Robot for a few mornings so I got some sneaky lie ins over the weekend.

– The Robot has started pointing at things.  It’s cute.

Robot sat outside, he is pointing at the camera

– Our 3rd party and an extra special one over in the North East for Granddad Smiths 71st Birthday.  It’s always nice to see the family and this was no exception!  A very special This Little Big Life video for you below near the end of this post.

– My Mum took her Rangers geocaching last month and has got the bug, she has set her own account up and we went with her to get her first.   As you can see below we had fun!   I think there will be a geocache blog post in the future!

Karen has the RObot on her back hes asleep and karen has a stupid smile on her face. In the background Karens Mum is writing on a geocache note

– We went to see the BFG at a baby cinema screening.  There was great debate as to whether our babies were baby enough for it.  They let us in, but they are definitely baby for a bit longer!  The BFG is a firm favourite of mine from my childhood.  I was pleasantly surprised with this version, it stands alone but I missed the songs from the cartoon!

– With a poorly boy on my hands, my Mum came to visit for a little cuddle.  An extra squish with my Mum is always good!

– When we decorated we used chalk board paint in the fire place.  The Robot did his first chalk drawings on it this week.  So proud!

This Little Big Life

Here is a little look into our family BBQ at the weekend:


That is it for this week!  Hope you had a good week and enjoy your week ahead.  We have no plans, but they are always the best ones!






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