Happy Days #20 – Catch Up!

A bit late for you this week.  Only 2 days late but thanks to my trusty bullet journal I have all my happy bits written down in text form for last week.  Lets take a look at all the little bits that made me happy last week:

– Getting a lie in and then hearing both the boys giggling and playing with each other downstairs.  It’s lovely seeing their bond growing as The Robot gets older.

– The fun continued with a trip out to a model train fair.  I got left at home to enjoy a bath.

– The Robot is quite good at playing on his own now, I can hide in the kitchen and eat chocolate cook tea.  I poked my head round the corner to check at him and he was dancing swaying to the music. Completely absorbed.  Made my heart melt a little!

– Slightly warmer weather and that means we got outside. On two occasions the Robot got absolutely soaked playing with water.  The first a toddler poured a watering can over him at play group and second was because I just let him play in a bucket!  I am all for learning experiences.

– Ice cream parlour.

– It’s been a while but I managed to get along to the breastfeeding group that I used to go to weekly.  It’s always nice to see the little new borns and I think it’s good for them to see the older established feeders.

– My blog post “That Annoying Thing That Bloggers Do… Whats Your Handle?” at the time of writing this has 176 comments, my 2nd most viewed post ever with 356 views.  It’s featured on The List & The Big Pink Link this week.  If you haven’t looked at it yet then please please do!

– The Robot had a 2.5 hour nap on Friday. It’s an extra special treat for me!

– I bought some pretty cool PJ’s for the Robot.  Pictures to follow.

– Lastly the weather has turned and the rain has gone for now.  It’s always a mood improver.  Going back to the park is on the cards!

Here are a few of my favourite pictures from last week:

Robot crouched on the floor in combat dungarees holding a toy tractor, he is beaming at the camera

Robot crouching on the floor in monster PJ's. He is reading a little book. His monster PJ's are an orange top with monster eyes on and bottoms with little monsters on.

Robot in same Pj's as before he is sat on the floor with hsi hands in the air looking mischievious

Robot stood next to the park climbing wall in the sun. He's wearing jeans and moster top

That’s all for this week.   Come back next week, I have had an exciting weekend and I want to share it all with you!




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