Happy Days #2 The Fonzie

Week #2 of many happy days, here is my round up;

1. Trying to get more time for myself I managed to escape the house on Sunday for a run/jog/limp.  It was dusk and it was brilliant, I got to clear my head and mind ready for a fun week ahead.

2. The realisation that Robot does love and miss his Daddy, check out It’s not just Mummy!

Robert Loves Daddy

3. Dave is my sounding board, I discuss blog ideas with him. On discussing the Happy Days Linky, he thought it was highly amusing that it was ultimately named after that ever popular American sitcom Happy Days, and for the next 5 days all he has talked about is the Fonz and going “Heeeey” whenever he enters the room.  Thankyou Katy for causing my big boy much amusement.

 Photo by David Sutton - © 1978 David Sutton - Image courtesy mptvimages.com
Photo by David Sutton – © 1978 David Sutton – Image courtesy mptvimages.com

4. It snowed! For 5 minutes.

5. Always struggling to gain Mummy friends, I bagged an Invite to a Mummy baby friendly Cinema Screening. I miss the cinema and my little Robot was a dream. He slept!  Hoping to kindle these new Mums into new friends.

6. Breakfast with my Mummy. I missed my Mum this week, she’s been on holiday. We talk & text most days, not having that makes me a little sad. But back to normal now, we’ve caught up and had cuddles!

7. My poor little Robot has had a cold for a fortnight and his cough has been keeping him up at night, and more importantly me.  He slept a 5 hour stretch last night and so did I.  So I’m feeling a little more human today!

There you have it my week of happiness.  Have a good week folks.

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