Happy Days #19 Happy Birthday

What a week it’s been.  definitely a positive one all week long.  Okay a little dip towards the end but I’ll tell you how I got over it too…  Without further a do here is my happy moments from the week:

Saturday started off with an extraordinary non-party for The Robots 1st Birthday (week).  The Carnival went straight by our house.  We invited a friend of The Robots round and his parents and had a mini non-party to celebrate the carnival!  We topped off the day by having a family cuddle in front of the fire… Where has summer gone?  Did it start?  Spring was awesome.

A Carnival band with drums all dressed up in red in the street outside my house

Sunday we got the bikes out and went for a family bike ride.  It was just ace to get out on the road again after only sticking to walking or running.  I must do some more cycling!

Monday I got to go for a walk with Mum. It was last-minute but it was a good find, looking forward to taking The Robot to Serpentine Woods in the future to do the alphabet trail.

On Tuesday I had many plans but In the end I decided to just say NO! I put the kettle on and spent an hour watching TV while the Robot napped.  Not done that in the day time for ages.

The best thing about this week has been The Robots 1st Birthday.  It was all happy with lots of presents, cake and visits from Grandparents.  It’s okay that we celebrated at the pub isn’t it?

Robot holding on to his candle on the cake with an expression of disgust!

The Robot with his two grandparents at the pub

Root in a play tent with all his new toys

After the highlights of the BIG first birthday Thursday and Friday were a bit of come down.  How do you deal with a come down?

Painting in the bath tub and walks out in the Lake District as a family!

Robot in the bath with paintbrushes and bath toys. Coloured paint is everywhere.

Dave Karen and the Robot in the backpack looking silly on top of a hill with not much of a view in the background

Our family selfies are just getting crazy!

Last week I mentioned I’d be joining Happy Days with This Little Big Life, I would have done it this week however I have made my weekend video as part of my #ABC123 Letter R Challenge.  Go and check it out if you want!

I do hope you all have a great week.  I’ll see you next week.





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