Happy Days #18 – Meet This Little Big Life

The great thing about blogging is that you don’t really have to stick to any set rules.  I’ve been taking part in Happy Days for the past 18 weeks and I really enjoy the little community that Katy & Sian have created.  Don’t panic I’m not leaving!  One of our own Squished Blueberries has started her own Link up – This Little Big Life – a way of recording the little family moments from the weekend.  It’s given me an excuse to practice making mini home movies each week.  It’s also something that is making me extremely happy!  So this is what I am going to propose…

Happy Days meet This Little Big Life

This Little Big Life meet Happy Days

Introductions over with, lets launch in to all the things that have made me happy this week.

– Dave cooked a lovely Roast Dinner on Sunday. Definitely one of his best!
– I rediscovered cous cous, mixed with a bit of Tuna, yummy.
– I kicked started the exercise habit again, which I proceeded to lose again because I put my back out, I know not that happy but it’s nearly better and I can start again!
– Dave has still been working near home a lot this past week and we got to have Pizza for lunch one day.
– I can’t quite believe how skilled the Robot has got at inserting things in things, he’s so much fun to play with- Although Dave has been close by he’s also worked a couple of late nights, I made noodles for the Robot one night and I had so much fun feeding them to him one strand at a time that I thought it needed sharing.  A bit like a worm with a bird.
– We got to meet up with some of Daves friends for lunch and their 3 month old twins.  I got to have a squish with them.
– We’re all about being impromptu, so we decided to spend a night away at Coniston Coppermine YHA.  It’s always nice to be away from technology for even a night!  We got a couple of short walks in too, even though the weather wasn’t the best.
– The Robot has found a new game of playing with map, he spent ages playing with it, hiding under it, screwing it up!
– We had a surprise visit from a Mummy friend at the last-minute, it’s nice to see the two babies play together.

It turns out, most of the things that made me happy this week was food, but also the Robot playing.  It’s very fitting that my This Little Big Life moments from last weekend happens to be the Robot playing with his toys.

I didn’t take many photos last week, but here are two of my favourites:

Robot sat on the floor wearing dungarees, he is looking up at the camera with an adorable smile

Robot is sat in his back carrier up the top of a hill. He is looking at something with a grin on his face

Hope you enjoyed my little mash-up this week?   What have been your happy moments this week?

Have a good weekend, and week ahead!



  1. I quite like it when linkies complement each other in this way and you can make one post fit both so beautifully. Lots of lovely happy moments from your week – having a squish with 3 month old twins sounds lovely and I love that video of Robot playing with his toys and the two photos are just gorgeous 🙂 #triballove
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