Happy Days 17 – 2 Week Wonder

This is my first fortnight long happy days blog.  A trip away means I have two whole weeks of wonderful happy things to update you on:

– A whole week went by without posting a blog. I spent 4 of those days without Internet or phone signal, it was great!

– We went swimming as a family, something that Dave has been putting off, he admitted he enjoyed it and we can do it again.

– Cycling in the rain

– The Robot loves blowing raspberries on me

– We went camping with Gran

– The Robot has learnt to throw and catch, if you can call it that, it’s more throw than catch and even the throw is debatable!

– With all the learning the Robot had a couple of long day time naps, this was a great break for me!  Sadly not everyday!

– Did I mention we went camping?  Well I put our tent up all by myself… achievement!

– Sleepy cuddles in the tent at night.

– We got to ride a mini steam train – The Robot loves his trains

A blue carriage on the steam train.  The robot is sat in his back pack carrier on the train. It's at a station next to a field

– Dave – he built me a campfire while I put the Robot to bed.  Love him, love fires!

– I had an amazing scotch egg burger.  We weren’t planning on going out to eat but it was raining and we stumbled upon The White Mare in Beckermet.  I’ve just looked at their website and they are Cumbrias 2016 pub of the year! What a find for us!  Considering it was Fathers Day and we hadn’t booked they kindly squeezed us in.

With chunky chips and salad.

– I reached 2000 followers on twitter.  It was way more exciting than 1000 followers!  I’m 2 away from 100 Facebook followers too and because I’ve not been trying on Facebook I am pretty chuffed with this!

– The Robot can climb off things now, he elegantly slides off the bed feet first.  He’s desperate to try the stairs but I won’t let him yet!

– We went for a walk up in the Lake District Hills.  Here is Blea Tarn in Eskdale.

Rolling hills, Dave carrying robot in the backpack and my Mum coming up behind as they walk up a hill next to a tarn

– Dave has been working close to home this week so he has spent lunch times with us.  It’s been nice to see more of him.

– I’m not one to diet or weight watching but I do make a point of weighing myself from time to time as I don’t want to suddenly put loads of weight on.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was at my “goal” weight which I haven’t been at in a few years.  I won’t be getting back in the scales again just incase it was a fluke!

– Went on a night out with my friends, something I’ve not done in ages, let alone have a have a drink.  It was a welcome break, even if it was only 3 hours.  It’s surprising how drunk I can get in 2.5 hours!  No hang over either!

– The #30DaysWild Challenge end is in sight and to celebrate day 25 here is a picture of the awesome looking clouds from last night:

30 Days Wild counter 25

Picture of the sky next to town centre buildings. THey are white and fluffy next to beautiful blue.

Have you had many happy moments this past week?   Have a good week ahead… my goal for this week, take more and better photos!


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    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks. It gets easier to make a happy list once you get into the swing of it. I try and choose one thing at the end of the day that made me happier than normal!

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