Happy Days #16 Long & Wild

This week has felt like the longest week ever!  I’m also not sure why, it’s been full on and I feel like ive done a lot so maybe that is why.  The weather being hot and clammy hasn’t helped too, the Robot has struggled getting to sleep and staying asleep so I’ve had less down time too.  This isn’t feeling sorry for myself days though so without further hesitation, here are our happy bits this week followed by photos!

– We got to go for afternoon tea. The Robot got dressed up in a shirt for the first time and he looked like a proper little man!

– We managed a walk out and I filmed our trip, I’m starting to get into making little short videos and have started joining in on Squished Blueberries new Linky This Little Big Life. I urge you to check it out!!

– Our usual play group has been taken over by an activity session called Physi Families – they built an assault course for the toddlers. The Robot has only just mastered crawling and I was totally impressed that he crawled through a 2 meter tunnel without hesitation.

– My Linky #ABrandNewDay has moved days to fit in with my schedule more, this makes me happy, I felt overloaded before. I’ve also put out a request for more days out with kids blog posts as being out and active with kids is something I endorse!!

– Another mention for Louise at squished blueberries blog, she mentioned bullet journaling in a blog post last week and after 5 minutes research I am now obsessed!

– Our 30 Days wild challenge is going well and on Thursday we went out with Gran for the day and had a really big wild day out, more to follow over the following week!!

– I find it amazing how babies have the ability to heal quickly!  The Robot fell down a couple of steps this week and with a few tears and a graze he’s all fixed! Shocking for us but I fear it’ll lead to more bumps!!

– I’ve had a lesson in back carrying the Robot in a woven wrap. I can now tie him up onto my back, it’s pretty amazing!

Robot posing on a blanket in a cowboy style checked shirt. He is twitching his nose.

The Robot in a pink cowboy hat

Robot in backpack smiling with arms out stretched. Dave is looking at him

RObot eating cornetto ice cream from Karens hands

Robot knealing on the top step outside, Dave is behind him, Robot is looking back

30 Days Wild counter 11

Lastly but definitely not the least, I found these daisies to show off for day 11 of the #30DaysWild challege.  It will hopefully inspire my inner child and make some daisy chains later in the challenge!

lots of daisies in a field

We’ve not got any plans for the weekend, this unnerves me!  Hope you all have a brilliant week, I’ll look forward to reading some of your blogs.


What Katy Said


  1. I keep meaning to start bullet journaling, I say it every time I see someone else talk about but then I forget! I’m so disorganised. Yay for back carries, I miss Baby wearing. Neither of my boys wanted to be carried once they could walk, I loved carrying J in a ruck as it was so quick to do and comfy. Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky x
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