Happy Days #15 It’s a Wild 30 Days

For the month of June I’m taking part in the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild Challenge.  All my weekly blog posts are being taken over with the wild theme!

Happy Days is going wild! For those of you that are following my 30 Day Challenge and don’t know Happy Days, this is a weekly blog post focusing on all the happy moments from the previous week.

30 Days Wild counter 4

My happy list this week is in the form of Acrostic poem (less poem more list!)

Wild Outdoors Image in green

Went to visit a friend while Dave worked

Icecream after cycling to Arnside

Laughing, the Robot is developing a distinctive laugh!

Digging in the garden

Overdid it on a 11.5mile walk, but felt great after a sneaky lager shandy

Undercover cuddles with Dave

The Robot splashing in the water at playgroup

Discovered the 30 Days Wild Challenge

Our holiday to Scotland blog posts have received lovely comments

Ovenbaked Risotto baked at the last-minute – delicious!

Random phone call with my Dad that was well overdue

Second swimming session for the Robot, he’s loving it.


Here are a few of my favourite photos from the week

Robot looking back at the camera, the seaside is in the background

The Robot playing in containers of compost

In the Woods with the Robot sat in his rucksack carrier. He's on the floor and looking up at his Daddy who is looking down at him, they are both smiling


Hope you all have a brilliant and hopefully wild week!


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