Happy Days #12 Back on Track

After my revelation last week that I had 2 week 6 happy lists I have decided to skip week 11 so that we are now back on track with week 12!  Yes I am that anal!  Going straight into it this week, here are some of my happy highlights:

– We had a successful first camping trip with the Robot.

– I found bluebells galore!  I’d been hunting for them a couple of weeks ago.

– I got my tyre on my bike fixed. I got to take the Robot out solo a few times.

– The Robot can climb and pull up on things now. It’s impressive, but frustrating.

– I got see Eddie the Eagle at a baby cinema screening. It was so inspiring.

– The sun has meant we’ve been to the swings everyday, sometimes twice a day.

Robot leaning casually in the swing with a brilliant grin!

– I had lunch out with a friend and their baby.  I love seeing the babies interact.

– The Robot passed his health visitor assessment with flying colours. They were 2 months late in doing it though.

– I’ve just accepted my first items to review on the blog, after much deliberation I am happy to give it a shot! Coming soon…

– We got to have lunch out with Gran. It’s always great to spend time with her.

I’m back to working my week Saturday to Friday now.  Hope you have a great weekend and the week ahead.  Let me know if my happiness rubs off on you?

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