Happy Days #6 Ups & downs

This week we’ve been full of cold, everything seems to have been that little bit harder to complete but we made it and still found that little bit of happiness everyday:

Sunday the 5×50 challenge finally began, we walked down the canal for brunch at a Cafe.  Some much needed family time! Just look at our meals:

Chicken sandwich and chips

Bank holiday Monday I finally got round to painting the fire guard!  A job that desperately needed doing because the Robot is rolling/shuffling around the room now and it’ll be here in no time when he’ll end up in the fire!  I also made some yummy cake.


Tuesday my Mum came to visit us and we made some lovely carrot and lentil soup.  It was nice to relax with her, and she was relaxed too which helped.  Gran loves the Robot and he enjoys her company too.  He was full of smiles most of the day.  On the blog my new Linky #ABrandNewDay started and I had the most amount of hits I’ve ever had.  So a success that I hope to build on week on week!


Wednesday my best friend came to visit and stay over.  It was lovely to catch up and it reminds me how much of a special friend she is and how alike we are.  My longest friendship and I really value having her!  She is amazing.

Thursday was “Gas Day” for Dave, he was being assessed on his plumbing Gas Safe application.  He passed, he is now a fully fledged Gas Safe plumber.   Finishing early in the day and it being a gorgeous day weather wise we took a walk into the next village for a celebratory drink in the beer garden.  It felt like Summer!

At the Pub

Friday was a bit of a non day, but in the spirit of happy, I’ll mention that the Robot and his cold seems to be clearing up, less snot boggles today!

As I am posting this early Saturday morning I don’t have time to complete the week of happy, but I can tell you what I’m doing today… I’m going solo (no baby) to a friends birthday party, where we will be taking to segway, having some drinks and generally having a fun afternoon! Slightly concerned about Dave’s first proper Daddy daycare session though!

Hope you all have a nice week ahead x


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