The habit of habits

The habit of habits

Ever since I finished the habit of the 5×50 challenge back at the end of May I’ve slowly seen myself get lazier and lazier. Once upon a time I would have been up and changed by 9am looking forward to leaving the house. Yes, even with a teeny tiny baby.  Roll on to now and I find myself rushing around with minutes to spare to get out the door, often being late.

What’s happened I ask myself?

Blogging, I think is the main problem.  I get too wrapped up in the social world chatting to lovely bloggers that I know I’ve never met but consider friends.  Not a HUGE problem as I am happy, but it is the root cause!

In the space of a month without the challenge of running/walking/cycling 5k a day I have suddenly gotten out of the habit of my habit.  

I need challenges in my life to keep me motivated. I’m currently taking part in The Wildlifes Trust #30DaysWild Challenge, great, I may have been getting out and wild every day but not any lengthy daily exercise which is what I need if I want to keep eating all the cake!

I checked out my phone app which tracks steps and miles walked. I counted 9 days out 30 where I walked more than 5k. This to me is shocking.

What can I do about it?

Put the phone away! Well not away as such but I may change how often I interact with my fellow bloggers.  I already feel that I don’t chat enough though, so Tribsters, if you’re reading this, I apologise for going even quieter!

If you refer back to Happy Days 16, I mentioned that I have discovered Bullet Journalling.  Oh I have discovered it and am getting thoroughly wrapped up in it. I’m going to write a “My First Month” very soon, but for now I am going to give you a sneaky peak at my Health Habit Tracker.  I hope that it will encourage me to get out and about a bit more and try some oh so crucial core exercises to help my Mum tum.

Graph grid with a Key of Water, run/walk, cycle, squats, lunges, core says HEALTH TRACKER as a title

No Time Like the Present #30Days Wild Day 27

30 Days Wild Counter #27

I got up bright and early this morning with the view of making it out the door to go for a walk/run.  I totally managed it!  We have a really old and lovingly restored Jogger buggy that the Robot rode in and I had a go at running with it.  Here we are next to the canal:

Karen Crouched next to the 3 wheeler buggy with the Robot sat inside..

We came across some new ducklings. We didn’t think that we would see anymore this year:

Mummy with a bundle of tiny ducklings following her

So there you have it, the start of my new habit, no challenges, just a need to get out and exercise again.

How are you getting on with exercise at the moment?  Do you have any habit tips?


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  1. Gosh, this sounds familiar. Since having my youngest I’ve taken up running semi-seriously and also started my blog, which are two hugely rewarding yet completely time draining entities! I’m exactly the same as you in terms of always being in a bit of a rush because I’m commenting on something or other or fiddling about with my site. With the running, I’m training for a half marathon but really I can only get out in the evenings once both children are in bed, and as my training distance increases it means I’m out later and later so all of my nice evening stuff is condensed into about 20 mins before I really have to go to bed, knowing I’ll be up at least once with the baby! It’s hard when you’re a creative type and wish you could split yourself in 5 to enjoy all these different outlets because that’s the sticking point – you ENJOY all this stuff, it’s just that time is fixed and it’s hard to fit it all in. I love the bullet journal idea and I hope it helps you to plan and manage your activities. Pretty too
    MouseMooMeToo recently posted…#15: When Breastfeeding Goes BadMy Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      Ha my bullet journal is far from pretty but now I’m getting the hang of it it’s getting easier to use. I’d be happy if I could split into 2 right now instead of 5! Well done working towards a half marathon, I’m a run 2 minutes, walk 1 minute mode at the moment

  2. I get so wrapped up in talking to bloggers and updating twitter feeds that I sometimes forget that I have to write my own posts as well! I have had a couple of days off the last couple of days due to illness, and honesty, I really missed it. Maybe I need to go to blog rehab! Haha Lucy xx #TribalLove

  3. Aww so true – with the blogging social media aspect I seem to be late for everything and constantly saying “hang on” to my children! With regard to exercise, I’ve started getting dressed straight into my gym gear so that it reminds me to go out and take a walk, a run and get some exercise – otherwise I would seriously sit ALL day on my laptop and phone – shocking! Thank you for sharing this Karen – lovely positive photos as always #BloggerClubUK
    justsayingmum recently posted…Surviving Teens With AttitudeMy Profile

  4. oh Im useless at getting motivated! The social media/blogging world really makes it harder to get motivated too lol – I get started on the laptop and before I know it, Its midday! Im currently writing this in my pjs (don’t judge me lol) this post has definitely made me realise I need to start putting some sort of schedule/routine to my day 😉 #abrandnewday

  5. It’s sooo easy to let blogging encroach every aspect of the day, especially with social media being so easily accessible via the phone. Well done for reigning it in and having a plan for getting the balance right going forward – best of luck! x #brandnewday
    Mess and Merlot recently posted…Blog : OFFMy Profile

  6. You know I think you’re quite impressive with being active and getting out & about, so I still think you’re doing great! At the end of the day don’t be hard on yourself but do what makes you happy, and if that means getting up early and getting out the house then go for it. My idea of exercise is that crawling around after TM will suffice haha, I am so lazy. Good luck with the new habits! #BloggerClubUK
    Ellen recently posted…Milestone momentsMy Profile

  7. My exercise I have noticed over the last 12 weeks has become less exercise and more daily routine of gardening and walking. I think once a pattern is established things become easy be it a good or laid back pattern. There are days that I just want to lazy around the house and social media myself to death but the kids must be taken care of, the garden needs care and the hubs just plain wont let me…Can’t wait to see how your tracker works for you!#abrandnewday
    Deb – Crossing New Bridges recently posted…Nowvel Photobook ReviewMy Profile

  8. Kat

    I was doing really, really well with swimming but I’ve not been in ages and feeling guilty about it now. I just feel so drained at the moment, and I am blaming the bad weather! It’s just making me want to come home after the school run and warm up rather than doing anything productive – I can’t drive and walking two hours to and from school in the rain just does not give me any drive! But I will start going back next week! No matter what. #abrandnewday

  9. Yes, this is a snapshot from my life too – the more I blog the less active I am being – instead of running 10k at the weekend and 5k midweek – I’m just doing 5k at the weekend etc. It’s not just blogging, I’m doing loads of school work too but feel very sluggish as a result. I deffo need to get back into the exercise mindset and put my phone down more! Keep us up to date and therefore inspired with how you’re getting on. x #ABrandNewDay
    Mindful Mummy Mission recently posted…Wicked Wednesday #4: Appreciating what we can, when we canMy Profile

  10. You sound like you have a hobby habit! Also you are by far the most energetic mother I know of. I know you said you need the challenge to be be the motivator, but you do so much!


      1. I’m a busy person but I think I’m needlessly busy, I’m busy in the way where I’m always doing a million things at once and chasing my tail! You’re all the right kinds of busy!

  11. This sounds like me since I’ve started. I’ve gotten myself a little wrapped up but recently have been trying to work on all the lovely blogger things but also take some me time for catching up on TV. I also need a challenge to help me stay motivated to stay active. #TribalLove

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