H is for Home Play Day

Sometimes you just get stuck at home on a home play day.  We’re not very good at being in all day.  If it’s the weekend then it’s even worse. Dave is hopeless at staying in and we’re always on the go at the weekend because of it.

There are times though that being home is a necessity that even I have to deal with.  When I’m feeling poorly and have no inclination to do anything. When it’s extremely cold and going out would be worse than staying in.  When the kids are ill themselves.  What do we do all day?

I’m not adverse to a bit of TV watching, but there is only so much Paw Patrol I can handle. We’ve even resorted to Cbeebies recently too, I’d avoided it for so long! A day of TV watching turns the Robot into a different boy. It’s very noticeable by the end of the day. He gets destructive, moody and ramps up the I’m a two year old thing.

Being stuck in the other week when I was poorly and it was that cold stretch I let a TV day happen.  The next few days we had to try a little harder to entertain for all our sanity!

What to do on a Home Play Day?

We get all the puzzles out. The Robot likes playing puzzles because it means I help him and we can chat about it as we go.

a finished puzzzle of a bus

Sofa surfing, sofa sliding, den building call it what you may this sofa gets some real abuse during a home day!

den and sofa sliding

Baking.  Biscuits are the best for us to do I’ve recently decided. He doesn’t like scones and he only seems to like icing off of cakes. Biscuits and cookies are a win, plus you can remove sugar and they normally taste ok!

robot playing with cookie cutters

Boats and pretend play.  The wash basket is a great place to hide and be a bit of a makeshift den. I’m glad I bought a sturdy one it’d be broken by now if we hadn’t!

wash basket boat
wash basket boat

Nursery rhymes.  The whole repertoire comes out to play. It’s great for CABS to get some attention too!

Books. We try read all the books!

Play Doh.  Love or hate it we do it.  We got a brilliant set at Christmas so have lots to play with. It normally ends up as boulders and shoved in the back of cars and vans to go hard but hey ho!

the Robot has lots of play doh cakes lined out in front of him

If I’m feeling poorly we don’t tend to craft but it’s a good go to activity if we’re bored.

Managing all this in a day makes me feel like a better Mum. So on those occasions the TV does go on I can justify it to myself! I shouldn’t have to though because no one is judging!!

Welcome to my world!! What things do you do on a Home Play Day?

the letter H dice for the ABC CHallenge

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