New year, new feed the baby regimes, I decided I would try all the foods I don’t like in an effort that the Robot will like it someday.  I started with pear, turns out it is just the texture of the skin I don’t like and pear especially ripe is lovely. Plus I remember tin pear being yuck too.

Next nemesis is avocado.  Well my son surprised me, he loved it. I however still don’t like it. Texture , taste the lot!  I’ve eaten it as guacamole before so here I go with a make my own: 

One ripe avocado, 2 skinless tomatoes, garlic and lemon squash

Mush the avocado and chop 2 garlic cloves into it. Half a lemon juice.  Chopped up tomato, no skin. Mixed up, hey presto, Guacamole:

So,thumbs up all round, I added a tad too much lemon but definitely nicer than avocado on its own!

What’s next!?

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