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A moment of clarity…  It took till Boxing Day to realise that we were stuck in a bit of a newborn/pregnancy rut. Where getting out was too much like hard work and when we did do the getting out we just did the same old stuff.  Going to the park and trekking our “mean streets”.

It’s totally understandable though, they say the first 6 weeks of a new baby are the hardest and at 7 weeks baby CABS is starting to get easier.  Still sleep deprived but more predictable.

Boxing Day morning I decided I wanted to go somewhere new, different, fun, somewhere safe for the Robot and interesting for us.  We ended up going to Williamson Park in Lancaster.

Not new to me but new to Dave it was just what we needed. It’s been over a year since I last went and I knew it was going to be perfect for the Robot to have a good run around in.  With CABS in the sling it was lovely:

There are 2 main play parks both inviting for a toddler but equally as fun for a grown up:

Then of course it’s essential to have Daddy’s help on the zip line:

It rained while we were out and we are able to take refuge under the eaves of the memorial.  Overall it just made us realise that we should be getting out to different places more often!

2018, we have plans for more… Anyone else?


  1. Well done for getting out and exploring somewhere new, it isn’t easy with a new baby, the pull of Christmas things and an active little boy to get it all together. However make the effort and it is so worth while. It looks like a lovely park you chose with some great things for Robot to enjoy. I love that first photo walking up, what a beautiful path. Her’s hoping for more adventures to come as CABS settles into your family life.

    Lovely to see you back at #CountryKids for 2018
    Fiona Cambouropoulos recently posted…Country Kids 6th January 2018My Profile

  2. It’s nice to get out somewhere a bit different. Those first six weeks with a new baby can be very hard and I well remember the challenge of going from one to two! Just getting out of the house can feel like an achievement, let alone going somewhere different. Looks like you all enjoyed it though. Baby CABS looks very cosy in the sling and the Robot looks like he is enjoying the zip line 🙂 #countrykids

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