Geocaching – My First Goal!

We’ve been geocachers for a couple of months now and really starting to enjoy it.  So much so I requested a day out to go geocaching last weekend.  I opened the geocache map on my phone to see where there were some good clusters/series altogether.  I really wanted this trip to be a success.

There was a cluster of 12 up near Crooklands and along the canal and around Holme village.  As this was really close to where my Mum lives I rang her before we got ready to leave to see if she’d like to come with us for the day.  Of course she did!

Here is the Robot ready and eager at the start of the walk!

Robot looking back in his rucksack

My first goal for geocaching was to get to 25 finds.  If I managed that I would treat my self to a little geocaching present.   We had a really good run of 9 finds and it took me to 27 finds in total.  Find out how we got on in our First Month.


We walked about 7 miles and it took longer than we’d hoped for.  Thankfully Dave packed a loaf of soreen and a few oranges so we kept hunger at bay until we got back to the Hide Away Coffee House Cafe near where our car was parked.    It was here that I may have let slip that I’d like a geocoin for my birthday to celebrate my 25 find goal.

Robot sat with Karen in the cafe

The best thing about our day trip out wasn’t really the geocaching finds it was when we were heading out the cafe to go back to the car.  The Robot was quite content walking himself.  Dave and I grabbed his hands and he walked with us for ages.   It kinda made us well up a little bit… Thankfully we had Mum there to capture this moment for us…

karen and dave holding the robots hand as he walks down the canal

The final round of geocache moments:

Total Finds: 27

Total Did Not Finds: 6 (I think)

Where have we been?

This post just happens to be going live on my Birthday so I’ll find out whether there are any geocaching treats for me which I will share with you next time!





    1. isntitpretty

      Thanks Helena. I didn’t get a coin but I did get a travel bug and a key ring… I will be sending them off on a mission but I haven’t decided on what yet! I also got a cache box but I’ll probably keep hold of it until I find a few more caches.

    1. isntitpretty

      Thank you, that is so kind of you. I can’t stop him walking now. He loves walking holding my hand now and if we go anywhere we always give him the oppertunity to walk with us instead of being carried!!

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