G is For Growing Cress

Before I had kids I used to allotment and volunteer in GirlGuiding.  I always used to want to share my love of the outdoors with my Brownies and Guides and would often find ways to get them growing things.  Most often growing cress!

Unfortunately due to moving and the demands of parenting I gave up the allotment. It wasn’t close to home and driving 30 minutes to grow veg defeated the object for us. I totally miss it though and hope to grow veg again one day.  For my letter G week I decided to get the Robot growing cress. Seed to eat, just to see the process. When he’s a bit older we might try making more adventurous stuff!

Growing Cress


  • Egg box
  • Egg shells or yoghurt pots
  • Cotton wool
  • Cress
  • A pen
  • Water with optional syringe

equipment list carton paper towl cotton pads water cress seeds

Stuff the egg-shell and or pots with cotton wool.  With a marker pen draw a face on the egg. Yup we’re making heads.

decorating the egg shells

Very carefully sprinkle cress seeds into the pots.  I did attempt to grow some on kitchen roll but I could never keep it moist enough.  Next is to water..

watering the cress heads

This is where the syringe came in. The Robot enjoyed using it to do the watering. Filling it up and squirting it out. It made it take longer too which is always a mini bonus.

Every day we would check on the progress of growing and top up with water. The plus side of cress it grows quickly and within a week we had cress formed and here is what we look like. Lovely cress heads.

the grown cress heads

Which we then chopped up as if we were at a hair dressers.  We kept the cress for the evenings tea and mixed it up with the mash potato.

the cut cress heads

True to form the Robot wasn’t really keen on it. I think a bit too green for his liking. Considering green is a favourite colour you’d think he would eat more.

What do you think we should grow next? I’ve a load of peas left over from my allotment days, I’m tempted to sow if we can get them to grow!

Let me know if you try your own cress heads. Tag me in your Instagram pictures @twotinyhands or on twitter @isntitprettyktb.


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