Fussy Cutting Sewalong – January to April

Fussy Cutting Sewalong

It’s been 21 weeks since I started the Fussy Cutting Sewalong on Instagram with Naomi. Each week a new hexie flower on a set theme and style, all year. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and I thought it’s time to share my progress on here so far.

January – The theme was Purple

I didn’t have a lot of purple material, or so I thought. What I did have was a lot of scraps. This was just enough to make the seven half-inch hexies that make up the flowers.

The term fussy cut is exactly that, deliberately choosing a bit of fabric with a certain pattern to make the flower into something else.

From the top, left to right we’ve got different styles of fussy cutting. Floral, pattern matching, a central motif, sections and lines. I love them all:

set of purple hexie flowers

February – The theme was Love

This was where I started to play a bit more, I could choose better fabrics for this with more scope to play than in purple month when my fabric was limited.

From Top left. We’ve got pattern matching, I chose those adorable kissing bunnies. They are my favourite bunnies!! A framed motif, using lines to frame a central pattern, even in February I was hoping for sun!! A central motif, that I hope is self-explanatory. Lastly sections, using a section of fabric on each petal and using it in a pattern to create something cool. I used owls for this and I adore those eyes!!

set of love themed hexie flowers

March – the theme was animals

Looking at these flowers you’d think where are the animals!? Well I’ll explain, first week was a freestyle week and we didn’t use animals I chose fabric print fabric (top right). Next up Animal motifs (bottom left) where I used these adorable insects my Mum bought me.

The next two weeks were head and butt week. Using the relevant sections of an animal and repeating for each petal to create an interesting flower pattern. I used my owls again and I’m in love with the effect!

ser of 4 hexie flowers

April – the theme was Spring

Spring is all about the flowers and new life so I happily used this flower and tree fabric that I bought from Aldi, it fitted my 1/2″ squares perfect for sections, pattern matching, framed motifs and central motifs. I love how using the same fabrics can create very different things.

set of 5 spring themed hexie flowers

There you have my first 4 months of my first ever sew along. I love the community of people who have joined in on this project. Everyone is really supportive and talkative and the talent is unbelievable. The host Naomi is so caring and always has time to comment.

What am I doing with them though? You will have to wait and see in a blog post later in the year when they start coming together!

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