Fun With Cups

Searching back through my photos stored in my emails I came across loads of pictures of the Robot having fun with cups. As I like to share activities with you to do with your kids I thought now would be the best time to show you this before I forget about them forever!

Humble Coloured Cups

I found these coloured cups at a charity shop and though they are going to be ideal for the Robot to drink from one day. At the time I only trusted him with a sippy cup so we started to use these as play tools instead:

set of 6 upside down coloured cups

Look how young he looks in this picture!! It is still when he uses his high chair too, that shows how old it is, at least a year old.  In magician style I got hold of some small wooden balls from another of the Robots toys and I hid one under the cups.  I then encouraged the Robot to find the ball.

sorting upside down cups to find the ball

I moved them around loads, moved the ball around.  Made noises and generally had fun with this.  I even think he would enjoy this now! The next activity involves water and more wooden balls.

As an invitation to play I set the cups up with water in and the wooden balls floating in them… Very tempting for the toddler on awakening from his nap!

tuff spot set up with cups with water in - balls in water to fetch out

He was straight in there, knocking the cups over, reaching the balls out of the water and generally trying to work out what was going on.

hand in cup of water with balls in

robot playing with cups

I seem to remember it being fun to watch. He so badly wanted to play with the balls but it meant getting wet.  It confused him but he seemed to enjoy it.

robot with water splashing balls in cups

When most the water had been spilled I encouraged him to colour match and learn to balance the balls on the upside down cups.  Loads more fun.

robot balancing balls on cups

There you go the humble cup.  Who needs proper toys when you have cups and water!  I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you try it!?

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