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Having Fun and enjoying ourselves is something that I think everyone wants to achieve.  Its not always possible but we can at least strive for it.  I’m always a little nosey and thought I’d like to get to know some of my fellow bloggers as part of my linky #FamilyFun.  Tinkering away in a darkened room I have developed some scientifically FUN questions to chuck their way in hope that they will answer them for me.

This week I am pleased to say Ellen from Babies Biscuits and Booze joins me.  I love Ellen and her writing.  So down to earth and loveable.  I recently read I’m a Blogging Success by Sam from Mouse, Moo & Me Too.  She has summed up how amazing Ellen is and I really don’t think I could say it any better.  A truly special blogger.  Lets see how she gets on with my questions;

Describe yourself in 3 words 

Caring, sociable, optimistic

Whats your favourite dessert?

I love any dessert that has lots of chocolate!!! I like most desserts actually, especially cake. And I love a good ice cream sundae with loads of whipped cream and sauce. But my favourites are gooey chocolate fondants or fudge cakes or brownies. I had a brownie today actually…yum!

gooey oozing chocolate cake
Thought I’d share Sarahs chocolate cake from my last Fun on Family Fun!!

Who is your favourite superhero, why?  What superpower would you have? 

I always liked watching the X men cartoons when I was younger and loved Rogue. Probably just cause you don’t see so many female superheroes! I am never sure what superpower I would have. Something lame like making people happy. Ha! I guess being able to fly would make travelling a whole lot easier.

What are your hobbies?

I’m not really a hobbies person. I’m always reading (and I write a fair bit) and I walk most places but I wouldn’t call it a hobby as I’m hardly a hiker. I like to go to the theatre when I can, I’ve actually managed to go 3 times in 4 months which is quite Impressive eh?!

What would you do with your 15 minutes of fame?

Oh gosh! I’ve never thought of this. Probably do some impassioned speech about feminism. Make friends with some kickass women. Get everyone to follow my blog to prolong the fame?! Go on the scummy mummies podcast because I love those women ❤️ Well now I want my 15 minutes of fame, this sounds like great fun.

Tell us something FUN about you that we might not know? 

Hmm. I once helped organise a 15 hour bar crawl? Is that something fun?! I love wearing novelty sunglasses but everyone knows that already.

Please can you provide a FUN picture to use on the post? 

I’ve attached the picture of me and my brother when we were camping this summer, wearing glow stick glasses! I love it, especially with the lovely sky in the background.

Ellen and her brother Ian in glowstick glasses

You can find Ellen at;

Twitter: @el_clayton

Instagram: @babiesbiscuitsandbooze


Thanks very much for taking part Ellen.   I’m a bit of an X-Men fan too and would have chosen Rouge as an answer, although Wolverine, hmmm…  A 15 hour bar crawl, now that reminds me of my marathon bar crawl in my student days.  Lets say I’m living a completely different life now, one drink and I’m floored!

If you’d like to take part in Fun on Family Fun then please drop me a message, I’d love to have you.




  1. Wow, what great answers but to be honest, I kind of got distracted by that pudding. My goodness, it looks amaaaazing. Would love to take part in this series in some way if possible. Would love to have some fellow bloggers on my site to brighten it up a bit. A xx
    Alice Soule recently posted…Crap MountainMy Profile

  2. I could just eat that chocolate cake NOW! Lovely little interview with a blogger I’ve not had the pleasure of getting to know before. I love the photo of Ellen in her glow stick glasses – I had some of these when I did an overnight walk and they are cool.

    I’d love to get involved in this interview series too if there is the opportunity:)
    Jo Addison recently posted…The Best Eurocamps for ToddlersMy Profile

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