Fun and Fast #ABC123Challenge

It’s Friday when I normally try write-up my round-ups. The perfect day for a letter F.  As usual the week has flown by faster than ever. We’ve had plenty of fun but I clicked my neck one morning half way through the week so I’ve had a not so pleasant pain in said neck for a few days now.  Not so fun but of course we’ve coped!  

Edit I wrote this Friday morning, during the day I got more and more aches and pains. Utterly miserable and flu like bleurgh! So where I go yay look at the happy Bits I’m now thinking not so happy but I’ll leave them here…

We don’t like to dwell on the negative though so I’m going to try some positives. I will survive.

Happy Bits

A moment to reflect on all the good stuff in the week:

– Bed invading cuddles.  The Robot has charged into my room for morning cuddles a lot this week.  I have to admit I quite like a little cuddle from him first thing.  Thankfully non earlier than six am and it’s got later throughout the week!

– Not that it’ll mean much to the non blogger reading my post but I reached 255 on Tots Parent Blogger chart this month.  My highest position yet and makes me happy that my blog is achieving in its own right.   FYI – I don’t know how many bloggers that’s up against but is 1000’s..

– My lovely Dad came to visit. He drove all the way from the South coast for in a whirlwind pit stop to see us, just because he wanted to see us.  Thanks Dad!  The Robot loves his camper van, it comes everywhere with us now.

– Mothers Day – I was in a bit of a hormonal grump on Mothers Day (sorry Dave) but it was made better by seeing my Mum and exploring the woods with her and the family.  Fresh air solves lots of things.

The Robot and my Mum stood in a big limestone gap that they were hiding in

– Getting a non selfie picture with my daughter, it’s a rare occurence!  We were sat chilling in the woods while the boys were playing in the dens.  Earning up some well deserved Mothering Sunday lamb roast dinner.

Karen with baby cabs sat on her knee in the woods.
yes that is a Wonder Woman baby grow!
– Seeing my Mum yet again the next day and watching her have fun with both grandchildren!  I love how they play together sometimes, sorry it’s a blurry one:

Gran sat with cabs and robot on her lap playing a horsey game with both

– A nice sunny warm day and a meeting at the park with all of the Robots friends. 2 hours of fun and the first time the Robot declared it’s time to go home himself.  It is so nice to be outside, I can’t wait till the summer when we can get the babies out on the floor too.

– The Robot continues to be so good-natured at the moment. Every outing is a pleasure. Here’s hoping it continues. He has his moments but he is genuinely good fun.

– My new favourite picture of baby CABS. She’s such a happy thoughtful soul:

Baby cabs grinning at the camera under a blanket

We’ve not much planned this weekend.  The Robot is swimming followed by a trip into town on the train.  It’s meant to be cold again so we will wrap up warm and head out somewhere fun I’m sure on Sunday,  maybe even a meal out treat…

Have a fun week x

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