12 things I’ve learnt in my first month of quilting 

First month, well maybe that should say the first month of taking an interest in the quilting community…  A typical me announced myself as a bit of a crafter the other day.  One who lost her way a bit in the midst of child rearing through the early days.

It’s ok though I found a creative outlet in the form of this blog. Writing about the fun adventures of family life and then some.

This year though the blog has started to take a bit of a back seat while I’ve been sleeping, aka growing a baby.  When our cellar flooded and I was forced to sort and wash the Robots old clothes it reminded me of my desire to make a keep sake quilt from old baby grows.

Sorting done I kept all the good stuff for baby 2 and ultimately the quilt.  Wanting to try it out though I chose a few of the non keepers and bagged the rest for charity.

Jumping straight in and cutting all the not so cute baby grows up into squares of same sizes I ended up with my stack ready to go through the sewing machine:

A tower of blue and white babygrow squares
Look at all the rejected blueness!

Meanwhile I disappeared onto Instagram, somewhere I’ve never really got on with for the TwoTinyHands site… Too much stuff I’m not quite into is my main reason, I never did like looking at holiday photos (sorry Mum).

New start, New account, focusing on all the crafty goodness out there, TwoTinyMakes,  if you want lots of crafty, quilty goodness then go follow me.  I’m now addicted and will only be following people with a liking of beautiful craftiness!

Back to this blooming trial baby keepsake shizzle, as soon as I set going I realised it wasn’t going to be easy, the fabric warped, stretched and generally turned my squares into gibbering wrecks.  It was a mess but I wanted to preserve because this was a trial and there were further aspects to the actual quilting I decided I wanted to master more than a perfect patchwork top.

WIP aka Work in Progress it became.  Instagram discovered me hexies, aka English Paper Piecing, EPP for short, hexagon shape patchwork.

I’d read a blog about saving scraps previous to this and deciding to keep on top of them I had already cut up the scraps from the baby grows into 2.5″ squares, chucking anything else that didn’t fit.  The perfect size to throw myself into making teeny tiny hexigons… Cue 2nd quilting project in the space of a week and a stack of hexies:

A stack of hand sewn hexie on shaped fabric
Mostly stripes and plain blue colours to play with but before you know it I had enough to make a cushion cover out of them. Not forgetting the fleecy goodness:

Blue sewn cushion sat on a bench

So impressed with the effect.  Not so ugly anymore!  Cue quilting project number 3…  I’m not going to show you pictures here because you can see some snippets over on Instagram.  All I’ll say is I went and bought some nice fabric and I adore sewing with it. I can’t wait to show you what I turn it into.

I don’t think I’m a WIP fan though and desperate to finish the rubbish keep sake quilt. I’ve trawled the internet and YouTube to work out ways to baste & quilt better than I have already done in the past.  Straight lines have always been my favoured quilting technique, I had a good play but the lines have stuck.  Being a test piece I’ve not gone for the traditional 3 piece sandwich with batting and a backing but instead just used an old fleece to back straight on to.

Close up of cotton blue squares with blue quilting on
Last thing to master is the binding. I’ve always failed at this stage. My first Quilts edging is atrocious but I love it and anything I’ve made since has been small enough to see inside out and flip then quilt. (Total novice)

After 2 20 minutes with YouTube videos on machine and hand binding I was ready to give it a go and look what I’ve achieved:

Blue square quilt blowing in the wind
I’m pretty happy with my first month watching the qulting world and found out some things along the way:

  1. There is life beyond a square quilt
  2. There is a community of crafters out there in the land of social media I never knew about
  3. There is so much beautiful fabric to use I don’t know where to start
  4. Challenges and sewalongs like mouth watering candy!
  5. Baby grow fabric does not quilt well
  6. Interfacing is needed for a keep sake quilt!
  7. Binding – I’ve read books and blog tutorials and it’s just not stuck… you tube has finally taught me how
  8. I want to learn more and get better
  9. There are a lot of talented people out there!
  10. Both hand and machine quilt sewing is perfectly acceptable and both have their places in my hectic family life
  11. Full size Quilts are stunning but mini Quilts have a place too!
  12. Hexies are amazing 😉

There you have it folks, I’d love to hear if you’re a creative blogger so I can come have a nosey on your blog, so leave us a comment if you are.   I’m excited where this journey might take me, I just need to work out how I’ll fit it in with a newborn and toddler in tow!


  1. You’ve done more in your first month than some do in a year. Consider it a success. What works for me in quilting with stretchy clothing is I use lots of spray starch to cut out my usable pieces, then I attach lightweight fusible stabilizer before I sew them together. Have fun!

  2. looks great for an early project, well done.
    sorry just having a massive nose round your blog….
    I got a lot of inspiration from interest, but going for a nose at your Instagram feed.
    I started my quilting using old bedding and curtains I picked up in charity shops, a lot of curtains have never been washed and therfore not faded.
    Elaine Livingstone recently posted…Project 365 week 42My Profile

    1. isntitpretty

      He he, yes you are having a good nose round my blog! Thank you for all the comments. My first quilt I ever made was from a bed sheet I found in a charity shop, so get the idea. My plan is not to have a massive fabric stash just because of space. Use it all up and keep it organised! Love Pinterest but not got into it for fabric ideas yet!

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  4. You should be so proud. Great to use the online resources to help learn new things. Congratulations on checking a goal off of your list. Thanks for linking up to 2017 Q4 FAL on behalf of the Finish-A-Long hosts.

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