Finish Along Q1 2018

If you followed my Two Tiny Makes Instagram account from the start you would have noticed me take part in The Finish Along at the start of October.  It’s a place to find motivation and encouragement to complete un-finished projects aka UFO’s.

I joined in over on Instagram rather than writing a blog post because TwoTinyMakes was just kicking off on the blog so it’d have been weird writing a FAL (Finish Along) so early on.  Here’s my post:

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Well I didn't think it'd be long for me to find some things to join in with and today it is the @finishalong of unfinished crafty projects… I'm blatantly new to this though as I've only got 3 projects on the go. Loads of ideas but not much started, at 1 month in I don't think that's too bad!! It's quarter 4 and over the next 3 months I want to finish these projects: Top: Baby wearing bag – designed to use while carrying a baby. Currently stitching #hexies together for the outside of bag. Bottom Left: A Toddler Teddy carrier/sling for my son. Material from an old cushion not started but idea in place. Bottom Right: A practice keepsake quilt from my sons old not so loved babygrows… teaching me some finer points in quilting. Binding to go on. Not Pictured or Numbered: Have a baby! Yes it's only projects but it won't be long before I'm up to speed and starting other projects. I'm instagramming this at the moment and I do plan to blog it next time. I've only just announced my love of crafting to my readers though so thought it'd be unfair to bombard them with this straight away!! #linkinbio Hoping to gain a lot of inspiration from you all as we go along #2017FALQ4TwoTinyMakes #2017falq4 #falq4 #finishalong #finishalong2017 #makersgonnamake #creativehappylife

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Finishes from FAL Q4

Oh how smug I felt starting my journey. With 3 projects and a baby to make in the last quarter of the year I thought I’d walk it with ease:

  1. Baby grow quilt **done**
  2. Baby wearing bag **done**
  3. Toddler toy carrier

I can also add **done** to make a baby.  Which I might add is the perfect excuse for not finishing item 3, the toddler toy carrier.  I had good intentions and almost did but realised I’d cut something wrong and haven’t revisited it since!

What I didn’t expect to happen was all the other projects that I started and finished over the same few months.

picture of all my different finishes listed below this picture

  1. A folder for WIP blocks
  2. Mug rug
  3. Coasters
  4. Christmas decs
  5. Pencil case
  6. A hexie cushion cover
  7. 2 Christmas stockings

To say I’m impressed with myself is an understatement!  To create so many things over a few months, especially with a new born and a two year old is an achievement!! I may have a UFO on the go but my WIP (Work In Progress) list is getting longer!!

Work in Progress

I started to write a Work in Progress and an idea list in my bullet journal.  Big fail, I’m struggling to use a paper journal at the moment, something to do with the kids… This in mind I have created my WIP List. Let’s see if I can keep track here!

Finish Along FAL Q1 2018

I have to think realistically for this, I want an appropriate amount of pressure to get things done but don’t need the stress of a massive list. With this in mind I’m only going to keep this small. Let’s face it I’m likely to start other things as I go…

  1. Toddler baby/toy carrier
  2. Tiny Dresden book cover
  3. My 3 red Hexie cases
  4. Keepsake teddy 
  5. Heart mini swap
  6. Rainbow colour pencil case 

I’m starting a few year projects too so I’ll be rolling with these, cutting and getting ready:

  • #MiniFussyCuttingSewalong
  • A baby grow keepsake quilt & teddy
  • 100blocks100days
  • A hexie I-spy quilt

There are a few things I want to try this year too:

  • FPP Foundation paper piecing
  • Making kids clothes
  • Designing my own pattern ideas

Reading back on this makes me go eeek.  There is so many beautiful creations from the movers and makers out there. Every day is inspiring and gives me new ideas, hopes and dreams… here here to a fabulous fabric filled year and lots of fun finishes!

How about you have you got many crafty projects on the go?


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