Feeding the Ducks

Most blog posts I write seem to mention the fact that I go walking with the Robot a lot, so why change a habit of a life time.  He is getting to an age that he is  noticing things more around him and he loves the ducks. He follows them around with his eyes, I think he likes the white ones the best!

Still a little too small to appreciate the duck feeding himself I decided that I would feed the ducks for him. He could watch.  Let’s face it if I gave the Robot the duck food he would eat it himself!  The day we went for a walk along the canal we happened to follow a man that also happened to be feeding the ducks.  This was not good, the poor ducks didn’t need my food too.  We walked a bit faster and shook him off.

This walk was on one of the days I lost the Internet and I had walked a really long way, I had failed to eat lunch and I was getting peckish.  We walked home so I could eat food and before I got tempted to eat the duck food, at this point we hadn’t found some hungry ducks.

feeding the ducks

As if by magic two ducks appeared from nowhere, how do they do that?  This was my opportunity to get pictures! I parked the buggy and enticed the ducks out of the water.  Camera at the ready I think I got a couple of nice shots and I didn’t eat their food!

feeding the ducks

 This post reminds me of … All the ducks are swimming in the water, tra la la la la la tra la la la la

Do you feed the ducks? Did you know feeding them bread isn’t healthy? Where is the strangest place you’ve found ducks?

#ABC123 is a challenge I have set myself to complete 26 weeks of posts, every week a different letter of the alphabet.  This week was the letter D.


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  1. Oh lovely! We’ve got a park near us with a huge duck pond and they sell special duck feed with notices not to feed them bread. I think people probably still do though. At my old uni in Lancaster there were always ducks by the accommodation, quite funny! #FamilyFun

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