Feed The Monster Bottle Top Food

Feed The Monster Bottle Top Food

It’s felt good to get a little bit crafty recently as it’s something that I’ve been slacking off with. A combination of time and inclination has thwarted our attempts.  With the Robot in tow though we made a monster with a few recycled objects, tape and card.  This end up being inspired by a book called Spider Sandwiches that we had borrowed from the library.  Follow monster Max through the book describing all his glorious monster meals.

What you need:

  • A crisp tube or similar
  • Card
  • scissors
  • Pens
  • milk bottle tops
  • a circle punch
  • double sided tape or glue
  • googly eyes

A cardboard tube like a pringles packet, bottle tops, card and cellotape

The first task is to cut a hole in the side of the tube large enough to be able to post the bottle tops through it.  Approx one third down the side.  I’ve said scissors for this but a sharp knife might work better, just be careful.

Once you have the first hole you can then cover the tube with a piece of card.   Cut a hole sized bit in your card before securing it to the tube, I used double sided tape but glue could work it might just take longer to dry.

This is where having Robot helping me came into its own.  He was eager to get posting the tops in the hole already.   This meant I could get on with creating my monster…

White card surrounding the tube with the robot hands inserting a bottle top

With some green card I carefully sketched my monster shape out, leaving a hole in his face for a mouth.  With hindsight, I could have probably painted or drawn the monster rather than another card shape but it’s worked for me.  I suppose you could use any monster or creature you want on your tube, as long as it’s hungry it will work!

A cut out green monster shape with a mouth ready to be stuck onto the tube

I stuck the monster with double sided tape to the tube and then stuck googly eyes on.  Ta da, the tube is finished.   I think if the Robot was bigger I’d be getting him decorating the tube with glitter, pens and other crafty stuff, but alas he’s not really that interested in it at the moment.

Next job is the food.   I bought a circle punch cutter that was the exact size to fit a piece of card into english milk bottle tops, but if you didn’t want the expense you could just cut circles out your self, or indeed paint the tops.

Making the bottle top food with a punch cutter, the monster is stuck on the tube and has google eyes

The Robot enjoyed telling me all his favourite foods to draw on to the bottle tops.  We were decidedly healthier than in the Spider Sandwiches book, choosing a lot of fruit and veg over slugs, lice and worms!   Imagination is key here as you can make the monster eat whatever they want!!

Monster with a bottle top of spider sandwhiches sticking out it's mouth

Next it was just a case of playing.  Letting the Robot loose on the floor with his new food and monster, he sat stuffing him full while I watched.  When he filled him up we pulled the lid off and started again.

Robot playing with the finished bottle tops about post them into the monster tube

Monster Max now sits on the window sill waiting to be fed.  We’re still collecting milk bottle tops at the moment.  Either we should stop or I need to come up with something equally as creative to use them for…

I’m heading over to Pinterest now to see what I can find.  Hope you enjoyed and might consider giving it a go yourself!?






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