Fathers Day Fun

When Fathers Day rolls round I don’t tend to think much of it. Maybe because I don’t quite get to see much of my Dad or maybe it just feels like another day. Today though on Dave’s 2nd Father’s Day I’ve been thinking a bit differently.

We always go on weekend adventures and today is no different. We wake up, check the weather and then decide what to do. Thankfully a beautiful forecast meant the world was our oyster. As long as we got some shade. Let’s face it I can’t do long periods of sun.

We decided to head to the woods we took the Robot to when he was a couple of months old. We remembered the dens that others had built when we passed on the walk up the hill to the trig point…

Karen & baby Robot up at trigpoint robot is in a sling and tiny

We are always amazed at the Robots walking abilities, he happily walked up through the woods to the den area. On route to the dens we found plenty of things to play with. Saplings to spin round, ferns to fan with, sticks to stab with and rock tunnels to explore.

Robot in a rock tunnel

The dens must have been here a while, non seem to have been added since we were last there. We spent a good hour in the woods playing. Just look at the set up:

In the woods there are wooden stick dens set up

It’s here that I had my Father’s Day reflection sat on a rock drinking tea listening to Dave and the Robot playing. Squeals of laughter that can only melt your heart, pretend fire building, jumping and hitting sticks. I really value the bond that my two boys have developed.

When the Robot is hurt he runs to me but what him and his Daddy has is flourishing daily. A special father son bond that no one can take away. They are my special people.

Dave giving the Robot a bit of a cuddle ontop of a rock

Once the woods fun had been done we headed off on foot up to the top of the hill. It’s not really high but as a hill goes it’s nice to walk up.   A very different picture to his first time up there.

Robot stood ontop of a trig point, blue skies all around

A nice breeze at the top meant it was the perfect place for a picnic.  Then a nice gentle stroll back down to the car.  The Robot fell asleep on route and we came across a nice picnic bench area near the car so we chilled while the boy slept a bit.  All very peaceful.

The day did not end here, although we’d managed to spend a few hours entertaining ourselves here, it wasn’t enough so we headed to the beach.  The tide was way way out so we made the most of all the muddy sand to walk upon.  The Robot enjoys running like bigger boys with his arms stretched high and screaming out loud.  Learnt as a joke but super cute when he starts chasing his Daddy.

Robot running along the beach

After a run around on the beach we picked up ice creams and headed to the park.  I run out of picture taking at this point though so I’ll have to stop here.

Needless to say we had a very slow but busy chilled out day, if that is such a thing?  We hope you had a special day with the father figures in your life.  Ours was one to remember.



  1. Looks like a beautiful place you visited, and I always respect how often you manage to get out and appreciate the outdoors! Glad you had a nice Father’s Day. Ours was good too … bbqing and playing in the garden. #familyfunlinky

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