#FamilyFun Week 10

Welcome to #FamilyFun Week 10

All week I have been writing a blog post that has snowballed into another blog post that I’ve never quite managed to get written.  More often than not when this happens I normally fail to publish them.  They sit in my drafts like unloved pieces of writing.   For once though I am going to actually publish my words even though they end up being a little bit out of context.

Think A Christmas Carol when you get visited but the past, present and the future.  This all centres around clearly the most important day of the year… My Birthday.

doube layer chocolate cake

Just Another Day

For the past month I keep remembering that it was soon to be my birthday.  Growing old and aging has never really bothered me but celebrating my birthday really feels like it should be a non event.  I may think differently at 40 but now at 34 it really does just feel like another day.

Then I read this post by Emma from Island Living at just the right time.  In fact 1 hour and 10 minutes before the clock chimed midnight into my Birthday.  I pretty much stopped what I was doing and set to writing out the draft of this post so I could add to it tomorrow.  After all tomorrow / today is my birthday!

My “grumpy non Birthday” self has been stored on the shelf and my “it’s my Birthday bouncy” self has been put into action!  Cue need for cups of tea in bed, cards to open, presents and lots of cuddles from my boys!

My Birthday

Okay so maybe my bouncy self didn’t exist but you know what did?    Cake.  Lots and lots of cake!

Robot looking excited
Catching the train to Lancaster – The Robot super excited about a train going by

As Birthdays go we didn’t really do much we ended up catching the train to Lancaster to volunteer at the sling library.  Eat said cake.  Followed by a nap time and a play at the park.   Clearly the later activities revolved around the Robot.  I did not nap but I did play at the park.  It was nice to go to the park as a family though.  Isn’t that what Birthdays are all about?

robot climbing a ladder for the slide

Thank you people for my presents those of you that got me some anyway.  I bought myself an annual pass to Greenlands Farm Village.  A somewhat selfless present that means that I can now take the Robot to the farm for what will feel like free!  We went last Friday and we enjoyed playing with the rabbits.

Robot looking at the rabbits

We took ourselves to Blackpool at the weekend to see the illuminations and go for a walk along the seafront.  We had a fancy meal at an Italian restaurant and the Robot was so well-behaved it felt like Dave and I were on a “date”.   Another special day that I’ll be sharing later in the week…

Have you seen Mess and Play?

If you haven’t then you must have missed my playful blog posts that I have linked up over the last 4 weeks.   If you want to know more about it then go and check out my November post.

mess and play logo

Thank you for letting me indulge myself in a ramble before getting to the most important bit…

The Winner of “I’m a #FamilyFun Number One”

This week our “I’m a #FamilyFun Number One” badge goes to… Helen from Just Saying Mum for What Even is That Look?  A bickering conversation between her teen daughters in the back of the car.  I can’t imagined life in 12 years time but having Helen’s blog to read certainly gives me an insight into this!   Congratulations you can pick up the badge code for your badge here.

My Featured Post

This week my featured post goes to Louise from Little Hearts Big Love for 30 Simple Things that Make my World a Happier Place… I love this list of things Louise has come up with.  Little moments of gratitude makes our worlds a little more magical.  This is something I do everyday making sure I remember all the bits that make me happy in the day.  If you’ve not read it, I ask you to check it out.  Thanks for sharing this with us and don’t forget to head over to pick up the badge code for your badge.

Click here to see Sarahs featured post.

This is where I break back into my earlier indulgences, here is a mini list of things I’m grateful for at the moment:

  • All the birthday wishes from everyone.  I mean everyone!
  • A patient and loving partner in Dave.  I know he doesn’t read this.  So I will tell him in person too.  Thank you for putting up with my moods.
  • All the cuddles from the Robot and the MumMums.
  • Peekaboo. Hide and seek.  Pure run away giggles.
  • Well behaved and charming young man who can smile his way into many a stranger’s heart.
  • Sleeping through the night.  Thank you

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    1. isntitpretty

      Ahhh thats fab, if I lived near Blackpool I’d be keen on walking down the seafront most days. We’re near Morecambe and have the same feelign about the sea there! No lights though!

  1. EVERY birthday is worthy of celebrating! I started a tradition with my old college roommate to celebrate one day for every year of life. Why? Because we have EARNED it! 🙂 Now that I am up to supposedly celebrating for almost a full month and a half out of the year (and having little kids), my celebrations merely consist of pouring myself a nice healthy glass of Chardonnay. Cheers to you!

  2. That sounds like the perfect Birthday and I bet you were a little more bouncy than usual – surely?! Love the idea of the pressie to yourself as well – in fact I need to pop that idea into practise! Oh and a massive thank you for the win!! Super chuffed!! xx ƒamilyFun

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  4. Happy birthday for the other day! Great timing reading Island Living’s post because you’re quite right – it does put getting older into perspective.

    Sounds like you had a lovely day! I think it can be too easy to be over ambitious with birthday plans and then end up disappointed. When you have a little ‘un that is even more likely to happen. But if you do a slightly fancier normal day then it’s usually awesome! Some special time with your family where you just focus on doing some fun stuff is the best!

    Angela Watling recently posted…Are we really listening ? My Profile

  5. Sam

    Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a good day. I hate it when it’s my birthday. Not because I’m getting older but because I hate the fuss of it all. I’d quite happily hibernate that day every year if I could. I do love to make of fuss of other people on their birthdays though.
    Sam recently posted…Don’t Worry, Be Happy My Profile

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