Encouragingly Excited #ABC123Challenge

These weeks do just keep flying by.  We’re in the midst of March now and baby CABS turned 4 months old.  It’s crazy but I am trying to enjoy every minute of it.  Dave has just taken the Robot out on the back of my bike for a ride out which with a perfectly timed nap means I have time to get this written people free.  <edit> They came back half way through because the Robot got cold, seems it’s not that sunny out there just yet!

Todays post is entitled Encouragingly Excited for the #ABC123Challenge.  I’m still impressed we have momentum with it and people are joining in, it’s giving me the encouragement to carry on planning the rest of the alphabet myself.  Exciting because hey, life is exciting!

Happy Bits

A time to reflect on the week just gone and look at all the bits that have made me happiest.

– Meeting up with friends for Thai Street food in town. We definitely need to reschedule this for the summer months as we were all huddled around in a tiny pub.

– Meeting the same friends for one of our toddlers birthday parties.  Made the weekend fun-filled with friends and celebration.

– The Robot enjoyed his party bag with colouring book and got this cute moment between siblings.  CABS adores the Robot!

the robot drawing on a pad while CABS is looking up at him, she was playing with a toy that he now has in his hand

– The Robot and his bike. He’s unfortunately a tad bit small for the balance bike we bought him for Christmas so he’s on his push along trike still. He enjoyed riding it down the canal with Daddy and is getting better at the pedaling all the time.

– CABS is super chatty. All the baby gurgles of cuteness. It’s constant and I never remember the Robot being so chatty!

– I made a cat! While photo shooting the cat the kids hijacked the shoot enough for my Mum to catch yet another cute sibling moment:

Robot and CABS playing with the Cat

– All the warm weather coming back. 6 degrees is bliss after last week!

– CABS is going through a long growth spurt and is testing my sleep some what. Dave appeared home early one day so I declared a nap with CABS was in order. My 2nd daytime nap with the girl!  The memories of daily naps with the Robot are a long distant memory!

– We had fun at the sling library this week. The Robot let me carry him for a bit and CABS got up to mischief with the demo dolls. Can you spot her:

cABS surrounded by a circle of baby carrying dolls
pic from Morecambe Bay Slings Face Book page

That’s it for this week.  I just ate a whole big bag of Minstrels so I am getting a chocolate buzz of joy.  Weekend plans include a visit from my Dad and then hopefully seeing my Mum on Sunday for Mothering Sunday.   All you amazing Mothers out there I hope you have a good one.

K x


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