Elderflower Cordial

A passing conversation with my Mum meant that I was on the look out for Elderflower.  I’ve never picked Elderflower before let alone knew what it looked like.  So a bit of research later I knew I was looking out for a little creamy flower with 5 lobes on.   To my surprise I’ve found it everywhere and I can now spot it a mile off.  Lots of plans afoot to make things with it for the #30DaysWild Challenge.   First though… Elderflower Cordial

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Karen And robot selfie infront of an elderflower bush

Here we are collecting the Elderflower.

I looked at a lot of different recipes and found a couple that needed citric acid, not wanting to use this I decided to go rogue and have a go at making my own without this.  Lemons are citric, so I decided to add an extra lemon into my recipe instead!   I’m also using golden caster sugar as this is what is in the cupboard!


  • 10large Elderflower heads
  • 900g Golden caster sugar
  • 600ml litres water
  • 2 lemons

Put the Elderflower in a bowl, if you are so inclined have a look for bugs and remove them, I didn’t bother.  Grate or peel the lemon skin and chop the lemons into slices, add them to the bowl too.   Heat the water and sugar slowly until the sugar has dissolved.  Add this to the bowl, give it a good stir up until the Elderflower and lemons have all been covered.    Cover this with a cloth and leave for 24 hours.

elderflower and lemons in a bowl of sugar water

After 24 hours pour the liquid out through a muslin or sieve into clean containers.  I used kitchen towel in the sieve to catch any extra bits.   I used little plastic bottles so that I could store a couple in the freezer for use later in the year.

Two bottles of Elderflower with a white elferflower head infront

The results are terrific and I am really impressed with my first ever cordial.  I’ll be making this again next year.   I am trying to persuade Dave to make Elderflower Champagne now, he says for me to go and pick the flowers and give him a recipe and he will.  A task for tomorrow I guess!!

What else do you make with Elderflower?  Give me your recipes or ideas, I’d love to know!





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  1. This is amazing! I once had a post elderflower cordial at a friend’s party and it was the best thing I ever tasted, I’m definitely going to try this (if I can actually find elderflower, otherwise I can see me making some random weed cordial in error!). It’s so pretty too!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. isntitpretty

      I am spotting it everywhere at the moment now I know what it looks like. It has 5 little lobes coming off a little creamy flower, look it up on google!! It’s really easy, definitely going to have a crack at champagne!!

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