Edible Paint with a One Year Old – How Not To!

I’m pretty determined that the Robot will enjoy painting! This is not the first time I have tried edible paint with him. It’s not going to be the last time either.

First time was back in April when I made edible paint with cornstarch. It was chaos and not how I’d hoped it would go.

Since then we’ve tried painting in the bath with non-toxic paint. He still eats this but in terms of paint strokes it is a little bit more successful. The only trouble with this has been the stains on the bath and on the Robot.

On with my desire for the next Picasso, let’s face it, I want some paint on paper. That’s all…

Paint Pots - Letting toddlers and babies discover new tastes and textures aids their development. Edible paint is a good one but don't expect it to go right!

Edible Paint

The last time I made edible paint it was like stodgy custard and not really painting worthy. I decided to change tack on my recipe a little. I used water last time I decided to try milk this time.  I thought this might taste nicer!  Here’s how I did it;

  • Measure 100ml of milk and 90g of cornflour.
  • Heat a little milk in a pan on a low heat
  • Start adding the cornflour and stir constantly
  • Keep adding the milk in until it’s all in
  • Keep stirring on the heat until it starts to thicken
  • Remove it from the heat
  • Go and answer the phone to your Mum
  • Tell her it’s inconvenient but you’ll chat anyway.
  • Put her on loud speaker
  • Put pan on the floor where you’re sat
  • Move it quick as the Robot is looming over it.
  • Move it again, this boy is quick!
  • Take the phone and pan into the kitchen.
  • Split the mixture into little pots
  • Add food colouring to each pot – your colours your choice
  • Mix well
  • Add paint brushes
  • Get ready to paint…

The mixture was quite runny and hopefully perfect for a spot of painting.  I lay down some protective floor covering and made sure there was the facility to clean or wipe the Robot down if necessary.  Put down some paper and the pots of paint.

This is where it all goes WRONG

I’m usually pretty calm about mess but I really had to sit on my hands this time.  Within seconds of laying out the project the Robot was in there pulling out the paint brushes and just going for it.

Robot with Paint Brushes - Letting toddlers and babies discover new tastes and textures aids their development. Edible paint is a good one but don't expect it to go right!

As this paint was quite runny it meant it spread far.  Imagine a dog shaking itself off from getting wet?   This was what happened with the brushes.  Splashes everywhere, all over the fire place, the carpet, the toy box, my jeans, the sofa and not least the Robot!    Sit on my hands I did, I don’t mind a bit of mess.  A bit of mess is ALRIGHT!

Then came the pouring part.   To be fair to the paint, it made some pretty good patterns…

Paint patterns - Letting toddlers and babies discover new tastes and textures aids their development. Edible paint is a good one but don't expect it to go right!

I did start to settle into the destruction eventually.  Let the boy play, he’s having fun.  He started to eat it, I thought FINE, it’s only milk and flour.

Paint Pots - Letting toddlers and babies discover new tastes and textures aids their development. Edible paint is a good one but don't expect it to go right!

Then something I didn’t expect to happen happened.  He threw up.  He never throws up.  He then continued to try and “paint”.   I say “paint” now as it’s clearly not paint, just mess making.   Painting with sick is not a good combination.  I intervened.  I abandoned any hope of trying to carefully wipe him down.  I took him to the shower wriggling away.

Thankfully Dave was home and conveniently taking a shower at the same moment I needed it.  To his dismay I left the Robot with him telling him he needs to be cleaned.  The Robot thought this was MINT!  He LOVES the shower and his Daddy so being stripped and sprayed by him was his idea of heaven.

I however did not enjoy the clean up down stairs.

I’m going to continue my endeavors into making the Robot paint.  You may think I am mad but I think it’s a little bit of fun!






  1. Hahaha! I love how you threw him in with daddy!!! When Squishy was that age I went through so many “edible paint” recipes. Our favorite was sweetened condensed milk and kool-aid. Mix it up and let it set. And thanks for the hilarious images

  2. Well I’m very impressed that this experience hasn’t put you off. I have to admit to completely steering clear of almost anything messy play related. My sons go to school and nursery and they do that stuff there. Call me lazy but there it is! I wonder if it was the mixture that made him sick or if it was just coincidence. I look forward to reading your next try. #familyfun
    The Mum Reviews recently posted…How to become something you never thought you would beMy Profile

  3. Hehe this is amazing! I can’t believe he threw up though, otherwise it would have just been messy fun, but I can’t imagine it being too fun with sick involved! You need a tuff spot 🙂 although it doesn’t contain the splashes, at least the runny paint on the paper wouldn’t have been able to escape! I will definitely try and join in with your linky – how new do the posts have to be? #FamilyFun
    chocolateandwineandillbefine recently posted…Autumn LeavesMy Profile

  4. Wow, I had no idea you could make edible paint! I think I would have fainted from all that mess so I take my hat off to you. They do eventually learn the skills they need to paint so I suppose at the moment its just good old messy fun 😉 Emily #FamilyFun

    1. isntitpretty

      hmm yes, maybe I should just bide my time and let him learn the skills rather than forcing him into it all the time. I suppose he needs practice though do messy play it is!!

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    1. isntitpretty

      He he Becci, I had to go and re-read my post then because I couldn’t remember using mint, I did in really big letters!! Sometimes my mind takes over when I write and write how I speak. I’ll carry on doing this just for you!!

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  7. I am so hellishly bad at things like this, it’s pretty much the main reason I send them to nursery! Joking, this looks great. Maybe I’ll save it for summer so I can do it outside on the patio and stick them straight in the paddling pool afterwards! Thank you for linking up to the last #Chucklemums, it’s been a blast! Look out for a possible reincarnation next year…

  8. Oh no – not the puke!! Nightmare. You are good though, doing messy play at home. I don’t mind the mess as such, it’s just the amount of time prepping/clearing up compared to the amount of time actually playing, that bothers me! 😉
    Thanks for joining #chucklemums

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